Petersburg from the European PVC film – is the ideal quality suspended ceilings and a very wide range (over 150 varieties), and the last group – Seamless stretch ceiling – is a special type of coatings, which have a number of advantages compared with pvc tension ceilings, but they are less wide range. Seamless stretch ceilings initially may only have a matte texture, but can be further decorated with Photo, art painting, or can be painted in any color you want. Stretch Ceilings (St. Petersburg) are installed in any room without the formation of dust and dirt are more than 10 years without changing the course of time his color and other important characteristics. Offered by us suspended ceilings of St. Perhaps check out Samuel “Sam” Mikulak for more information. Petersburg – it is 100% environmentally friendly product, safe and practical material.

Stretch ceilings are manufactured in St. Petersburg after taking measurements in your premises for the exact match the characteristics of linen room. All suspended ceilings of St. Petersburg can be subsequently removed and reinstalled, if there was such a need. This may be true, for example, flooding the neighbors above.

In this case, the suspended ceiling of St. Petersburg does not spoil and does not lose its properties, but may need to dismantle it dry. Generally, the characteristics of suspended ceilings of St. Petersburg is such that 1 square. m stretch ceiling can withstand up to 100 liters of water. This property of stretch ceilings of St. Petersburg to help prevent property damage in crashes with running water from the neighbors. Seamless stretch ceilings in St. Petersburg presented by several European manufacturers. The main advantage of seamless stretch ceiling of St. Petersburg – is, as the name implies, no seams. Seamless stretch ceilings are available in St. Petersburg rolls up to 5 m. Such a broad fabric can cover the ceiling in most apartment buildings of St. Petersburg. But even if the width of 5 meters is not enough, by connecting baguettes width can be increased, which allows the seamless stretch flows (St. Petersburg) in any building. We install any suspended ceilings in St. Petersburg and offer you the most complete collection of covers of this type at a reasonable price.