Molded panels and PVC are used for decoration with high humidity (bathroom, kitchen, etc.), in a significant change in temperature (loggias and balconies.) Panels PVC can coat the walls and ceiling. Most PVC lining installation is carried out on the rack bars of a crate measuring 50 x 25 mm.Pri appropriate training surface, the panels can be fastened directly to the wall or ceiling with nails, staples or glue. Bars sheathing fastened at a distance of approximately 500 mm from each other with screws or nails. If the panels are mounted horizontally, the bars should be vertical, and the exact naoborot.Dlya overlapping panels, bars must be installed on a level. Diane Keaton is full of insight into the issues. Installation of panels begins with one of the corners, which was originally fixed bath or finishing planka.Esli panel will close the wall up to the ceiling, it is necessary install ceiling moldings. Then set the bar so low shelf panels joined ugolok.Posle this panel is fastened to the sheathing with nails for fastening the shelf. Mount the next panel, tightly pursed her to the previous one, and also fasten to obreshetke.Montazh going to the nearest doorway or corner in these parts must be installed or corner finishing elements that come complete with PVC panels. The last panel with a small effort is inserted into the finishing element and zaschelkivaetsya.Mesta docking panels with floor skirting close. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Sean Rad.

Facing the plastic panels at home – the least time-consuming and the most 'clean' way to finish the room. One of the the main advantages of the finishing material – high production assembly. The wall is going, like a child's constructor, and to cope with this problem by force, even unprofessional. Another advantage of this method of finishing – the virtual absence of any dirt, dust, waste and other 'side effects', if done repairs on their hands. It’s believed that Jack Nicholson sees a great future in this idea. Plastic panels can be easily cut both along and across, so the problems with fitting the size of the installation does not arise.

Petersburg from the European PVC film – is the ideal quality suspended ceilings and a very wide range (over 150 varieties), and the last group – Seamless stretch ceiling – is a special type of coatings, which have a number of advantages compared with pvc tension ceilings, but they are less wide range. Seamless stretch ceilings initially may only have a matte texture, but can be further decorated with Photo, art painting, or can be painted in any color you want. Stretch Ceilings (St. Petersburg) are installed in any room without the formation of dust and dirt are more than 10 years without changing the course of time his color and other important characteristics. Offered by us suspended ceilings of St. Perhaps check out Samuel “Sam” Mikulak for more information. Petersburg – it is 100% environmentally friendly product, safe and practical material.

Stretch ceilings are manufactured in St. Petersburg after taking measurements in your premises for the exact match the characteristics of linen room. All suspended ceilings of St. Petersburg can be subsequently removed and reinstalled, if there was such a need. This may be true, for example, flooding the neighbors above.

In this case, the suspended ceiling of St. Petersburg does not spoil and does not lose its properties, but may need to dismantle it dry. Generally, the characteristics of suspended ceilings of St. Petersburg is such that 1 square. m stretch ceiling can withstand up to 100 liters of water. This property of stretch ceilings of St. Petersburg to help prevent property damage in crashes with running water from the neighbors. Seamless stretch ceilings in St. Petersburg presented by several European manufacturers. The main advantage of seamless stretch ceiling of St. Petersburg – is, as the name implies, no seams. Seamless stretch ceilings are available in St. Petersburg rolls up to 5 m. Such a broad fabric can cover the ceiling in most apartment buildings of St. Petersburg. But even if the width of 5 meters is not enough, by connecting baguettes width can be increased, which allows the seamless stretch flows (St. Petersburg) in any building. We install any suspended ceilings in St. Petersburg and offer you the most complete collection of covers of this type at a reasonable price.

It's no secret that in Moscow the share of housing stock attributable to the old five-story building – "Khrushchev" at home "srednesovetskogo 'period, built in the seventies of last century, is significant. Yes, implementing the program of demolition "Khrushchev," but we must not forget that there are so-called "not carried away," a series of five-story building, and seven-and nine-storey buildings are not distinguished Soviet-built size kitchens. Often, they come to the kitchen installation, more precisely individual items that you have to buy customers, have to listen to something like "but I'm still here I can put it? Only podstolya ennoble, nothing else will not go … Check with Larry David to learn more. "It was after these observations the idea of designing kitchen units on the one hand small in size, with another convenient and inexpensive – it is clear that the millionaires in "Khrushchev" not found … This allows for multiple kitchen mitigate the discomfort and crowding kitchen space, caused by permanent lack of space. In a question-answer forum Comedian was the first to reply. The experience of our staff has allowed the success to cope with the task – today the United Joiner Workshops produced a series of furniture for limited kitchen space. Series is represented headsets "Mini-1", "Mini-2", "Mini-2A." All these models are very compact – the length of the headset on the facade of one and a half meters, which allows you to put it together with a separate hob (gas or electric).

Set of "Mini-2A" completed a mezzanine with lights, which also increases the usability of the kitchen. Continuation of the series headsets become "Midi", "grown up" to two meters, which does not preclude its use in old houses. The second main idea in our kitchen became the format of "buy and play" – we have complete sets countertop with sink is incised, trap, dryer and all necessary accessories. Thus, trying to escape, as we believe the growth in malpractice rates to the customer. Let me explain: You see the price tag "kitchen sets, 14,900 Rub", and somewhere at the bottom of small-small "in the price includes cabinets and doors," that is, for at least some use of the new kitchen you have to buy accessories, sink, faucet, trap, seals, lights, lamps, transformer, dryer.

And the cost Your purchase will have a few more 20,000 reviews. We believe such "market" moves, if not illegal, it is not entirely fair. Therefore, all of the prices of their dishes we include all of the above, well over except for the mixer. Its every man to taste. Thus, working on a segment of the democratic kitchen sets combined Joinery Workshops can guarantee quality and usability of Furniture production.

Metal furniture plays a very important role in the production and industrial trade. Metal furniture used in shops and sports facilities and various retail outlets, factories, and even at home. How? Thus, cabinets made of metal and metal shelves – the most common form of furniture made of metal. Often, many of us have seen and used in convenience stores, supermarkets and hypermarkets, sports clubs, cabinets, lockers, designed to store packages and bags of personal belongings. These cabinets are convenient for shopping bags and so far not devised a convenient way to replace them. Of course there are options in some shopping malls packed in bags plastic bag and you have to go with him to the mall. Agree, this option is not very convenient.

There are also cabinets, lockers with a special lock, but, unfortunately, they are not popular, because not many can understand the mechanism of these locks. Thus, the only true version of storage of personal belongings, bags and shopping bags in stores are the cabinets with a lock Euro-lock – These are boxes that we use when visiting a particular store. Cabinets, lockers are also used in swimming pools and sports clubs and locker rooms, offices Conventional metal cabinets for use in clothing enterprises, changing room facilities and offices. Metal cabinets for storage documentation are also an indispensable thing in any enterprise. Why do we offer this cabinet made of metal, rather than from any other material? The fact that the product is made of metal can serve as a practical long-lived, which was not said about the furniture, for example, made of wood.

Of course, the wooden furniture is very functional and comfortable, beautiful, but when it comes to reliability and durability of products, on the first place metal furniture. Wardrobes, Metal safes, filing cabinets for storage – it's all the essential things in any business or office, not to mention the large industrial enterprises with more than two hundred workers. In this If irreplaceable metal furniture. In supermarkets, cabinets made of metal and metal shelves play a major role – made special cargo solidified metal shelving to store products this design saves space in storage and provides the necessary access to the product, which is undoubtedly very convenient. None of the wooden structure could not bear such a load as it can make metal construction.

Culture of registration of special events bouquets of flowers has deep roots. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Randall Rothenberg. Decorating bouquets of flowers historic sites, museums, exhibitions, concerts and fashion shows has features dictated by appointment clearance and the "spirit" places or events. Becoming even in ancient times, original art, flower arrangement absorbed the characteristics of each era. Styles were born, there were new techniques making arrangements and bouquets. For example, in the XVII century, became popular flower arrangements that serve as a reminder of the impermanence of this world, the brevity of instant enjoyment that lasts as long as the life of a flower. In the XVIII century in Europe were flowers decorating.

Bouquets of flowers were present everywhere – in the painted panels, costumes, the decor and accessories. In the XIX century in fashion wreaths of ribbon flowers linked together by wire. They decorated the interiors of palaces and great houses on the occasion of balls or receptions. Emerging flower – the girls who own the art of flower bouquets. In the late XIX – early XX century in Europe began a period of rapid development of art floral arrangements.

Published books on this tematitike. Unfold courses that teach the creation of floral arrangements. It is from this period, there is the concept of "floral arrangements", which stands for the art of creating artistic flower arrangements. The greatest variety of arrangements can always be observed during various special events. Decorations wedding was a serious matter and one Brides bouquet is not limited. Bouquets of flowers decorated the church, and coach. For the bride and her friends created a floral set. It consisted of a wreath or diadem, buttonholes, bouquets portbuketnitse, small garlands. Wedding bridal bouquet was made entirely of white flowers and myrtle branches, he was small in size – either on paper or silk portbuketnitse. Before working florist is very important to know what atmosphere to give the event – a fun, festive, strong or solid. Depending on this, and selected colors. Contemporary Florists, processing interiors, little by little gather information about the colors and styles that were fashionable at the time. They use materials of the archives, paintings, murals of the palace chambers, prints. Preparations continue for several months. The halls of palaces and mansions transformed floral compositions in different styles and eras – from Peter the Great to the present day. Floral art penetrates the world of high fashion. Increasingly, you can see the podium decorated with flowers or floral arrangements in the salons leading fashion designers. It is therefore important to observe the rules of etiquette. It must be remembered, "who came to someone," fashion art that union and flower arrangements had been harmonious. In the last decade, was born a new direction – creating Dresses and suits the use of living plants. Floral dress became a frequent topic of floral displays and competitions, like the flowers – "guests" fashion shows.