“‘ The Bikini project ‘ 4 pounds in 4 weeks with the chip card-driven training system of milon Ute Wiedemann and Juliet Kolle, figure and health advisors in the fitness studio exclusively for women, are looking for 55 volunteers for the Bikini project”. All ladies from Kempten, who suffer from obesity or joint problems, should equal access to pick up the phone and log on to the latest four-week study in the Lady figured and health Studio. The majority of the participants should so far not too regularly and many sports have operated and have some excess weight or joint problems. For four weeks, Ute Wiedemann will guide the participants through a special program. How many kilos are tumbled or how the joint symptoms have improved held firmly at the end. It waist circumference and body weight are determined at the beginning and after four weeks. In the four weeks the participants must attend twice a special training per week for 44 minutes each, for which they previously received a plan.

In addition they are supposed to be even within the Study period the time valuable backgrounds take, in a seminar on the subject of diet and exercise. You must not really make more”, declared Ute Wiedemann that milon has been working for several months with the chip card-controlled Trainngssystem of the renowned German manufacturer. After a workout, fat metabolism remains active up to 55 hours. What is achieved in four weeks by the majority of the subjects, has it already exact ideas. Normally, the participants take off during this period between four and six kilograms. Fat and cholesterol are likely to regulate themselves in this time, generally improving the well-being and reduced even joint problems.

A change of diet, stimulating the blood circulation as well as the relaxed dealing with stress can actually stop the hair loss. Very early, many of those affected suffer from alopecia. Your hair loss may be due to hereditary, emerge as a result of external factors, or but are caused by your body. The sufferer believe not to be able to stop the hair loss. In many cases, however, hope is hair loss however to stop and even hair growth in motion. It is relevant to identify the cause of the hair loss. Only then you can really stop his hair loss.

In this regard, it is necessary to bear in mind his body as his habits. If the organism is not in balance, it is impossible to stop the hair loss. Given that our hair is the fastest growing part of our body, it is not hard to see that only a small imbalance in our system, can have negative effects on hair and scalp. The consequences are evident: thin werdendes Hair, dandruff, severe hair loss or other hair diseases. First, you should perform a hair mineral analysis.

This reveals deficiencies but also excess of minerals and trace elements. If there is a deficit, you should provide your hair with the necessary minerals and trace elements. Only in this way, you can stop the hair loss. It is not something Anne Wintour would like to discuss. An excellent cycle is essential in this context. We should understand that the consequences of not optimally functioning cycle have a tremendous impact on the well-being of our hair. The limbs, those bodies, which is the farthest from the heart are, such as fingers, feet as well scalp, become ill as a result. In this case, an optimal alkaline diet by profit, is rich in vitamins and minerals. Vegetarians often suffer from thin hair, especially, if they start with their meat-free diet. Blame is a deficiency of protein in the body. Once you the amount of plant proteins in the context of the Food intake increases, for example, use of soy products, you can stop hair loss and regenerates the hair mostly by themselves. Another factor is to stop your hair loss in the activation of blood circulation, which should supply enough nutrients the roots of your hair. Day after day, massage your hair so that the hair root using sufficient minerals and vitamins are fed. The hairs are not only fixed, they also no longer so easily fail because the roots of the hair are firmly anchored by the massage. Load as well as physical Additionally, psychological traumas are more points which can quicken the alopecia. The more hair loss, the more stress. The more stress, the more potential hair loss. This looks like a downward spiral which you must stop. Aim is to get the stress as much as possible in the handle. This has a positive effect on your hair and your lifestyle will increase considerably in the same breath. Try the stress, by using music, sports or meditation to cope. You’re smoking so you may be surprised about your alopecia. Smoking among others ensures extreme hair loss. Without question, our cycle for the health of our hair like also our scalp is vital. Smoking, have a duty to stop, your hair will thank you. The body and your hair should be seen as a complete system. Only in this way, you can stop your hair loss.

Determined advantages and disadvantages of this diet, and what can mean the food conversion for you it has any ever heard, that there is a diet, (Yes the bekanntlichen fattening foods should be) without carbohydrates. The diet without carbohydrates (sometimes also known as the Atkins Diet) which has very many supporters, but on the other hand also very controversial is regarded by many people and health professionals, is a very old form of nutrition. In this article we would give you a rough overview about this diet form, describe the advantages and disadvantages, as well as indicate different experiences, we did so. How does the diet without carbohydrates? This diet variation the increase in reduces of carbohydrates, which in particular stored fat is used as the source of energy of the body. So, in response, will degrade the fat in the body and to lose weight.

This diet, is not balanced it as mainly only on the revenue of Concentrated protein and healthy fats. Read additional details here: olympics. A main approach of the diet without carbohydrates is the metabolic imbalance, which thus eliminated. The diet was invented in the early 1970s by the doctor of Robert Atkins (hence the name) and enjoys increasing popularity. In practice, this means that you must delete whole wheat and wheat products entirely from his eating plan. Hear other arguments on the topic with NBA. In plain English: no bread, no rice, no potatoes, no flour, no buns, no cake, no candy! Instead, there is a lot of meat, eggs, milk, fish, soy products, vegetables and fruit. The clear advantage is obvious advantages and disadvantages.

It is actually possible to lose even fat weight within a short time. It was also the only advantage. However, there are a handful of drawbacks, which brings this drastic nutrition with. Firstly, it is very difficult to abandon our today’s lives, almost completely built on carbohydrates carbohydrates. If you are no carbs, you will constantly have a feeling of hunger which can make one psychologically and mentally ready. Also has some consequences for the body this unbalanced diet, should be so talk to his doctor before a diet without carbohydrates and consult. Experiences and tips in our opinion, this diet is not the most effective and best diet, so you should try them out only with caution, if at all. The wrong way is definitely completely to abandon carbohydrates. Today, many doctors recommend that a low-carb diet, so a diet in which it reduced the intake of carbohydrates and confined to long-lasting and healthy carbohydrates, can be very positive, well does the body and can be jumbled by the way still the pounds. With low-carb a healthier and fitter body can diets combined with a moderate workout, on the one hand shape and lose weight at the same time playing. Is a healthy weight loss the consequence, or what everybody wants?

At vital & Wellnesshotel zum Kurfursten across the Moselle: Wellness application until massages treatment contribute to the well-being at who, wanted to doubt such as after a voltage resolution wellness or a classic head massage. No wonder that enjoy such manual applications of great popularity. In the vital & Wellnesshotel the diverse massage offerings include the elector in Bernkastel-Kues the especially popular with guests wellness and medical spa treatments: from the feel good measure to sound preventive and treatment of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), which, however, requires a proper diagnosis. Follow others, such as olympics, and add to your knowledge base. The history of massage is almost as old as the history of mankind. The first mentions are found already in Huang Di, over 2600 years before our era. He described gymnastizierende exercises and massage handle. Hippocrates and also the Greek physician of Galenos also practiced this manual therapy.

In the Middle Ages it was the physician and Alchemist Paracelsus, who spoke the word of the massage. Always more specific massage techniques have been developed in the following centuries. Many massages as well as the Reflexzonenthearapie are carried out today not only doctors, but also masseurs and physiotherapists. That is especially true for the classical Swedish massage called, which is recognised by the orthodox medicine generally: so the treatment of the skin or muscles to exactly the place that is massaged. It full – and part-body massages are offered. “” In the Handbook of massage and medical gymnastics”by Franz Kirchberger (1926) a sound explanation, even to the medical people can be found:”As each person rubs a swollen and therefore painful or struck part of his body and pushes and so trying to relieve the pain caused by the voltage, so this instinctive means probably also as a remedy at all times will be been applied”. This direct effect is”compared to the reflexive effect: the human reflex bows are used. Not the sick place”is handled, but a certain part of the body, which is associated with a sick or weakened body.

A good new start for healthy eating habits and body the konigs Wusterhausen be Bastia, Corsica – is fasting in all the great world religions known and for many people an integral part of your first. Experts estimate that up to three million Germans annually fast, which means that they voluntarily waive any solid food for a freely-chosen period of time. Every person who is physically and mentally healthy, can fast up to ten days on their own responsibility”, as Andre records storage, fasting & Fastenwandernleiter and expert of vital99plus from Bastia in Corsica… The body switches during this time on the internal supply and can live on its reserves of fat and protein, so. Who lived during this time only liquids creates such a break in his daily food rituals and he thus creating the ideal base to the topic to deal with healthy eating and body awareness. He has a healthier way, with the help of an experienced head of fasting and one on one coaching after the fasting week and to establish a more positive way of life in his everyday life.” Life is an important issue, which is not only up-to-date after the fasting week to enjoy, also regardless of the food.

To support the fasting and to cover different fresh draught of daily fluid requirement “spring waters and special fasting teas from herbs of different supporting fasting, used. Of course, the vital99plus faster get well gifts to support and to build up a healthy intestinal flora. Purify, detoxify and deacidified go hand in hand”in the vital99plus-fast. The voluntary abstinence in the fasting may be the first step to a permanently healthier lifestyle, a better self-esteem and a positive body awareness. Last but not least, the vital99plus fasting hiking offers an excellent opportunity, thanks to the learned and executed daily body and movement exercises, to reach the personal character of the request or to obtain. The fasting and fasting hiking offers: Of course fasting and fasting hiking – hiking fasting / index.htm Constitution information type just fasting and fasting hiking with Andre, dam – Fast / index.

The treatment as such is for the patient that is not particularly pleasant, but they is to endure. It may be, that grow on the treated area the hair a couple of days. Within approximately 3 to 20 days but all hair of degraded hair follicles are rejected. After the treatment the treated areas are reddened. This subtle skin irritation should subside after one or two days. Up to two weeks after treatment, direct sunlight or hot tubs and saunas are must be avoided.

The patient experiences this and more important and informative things during the extensive and individual consultation, that is each new customer. Included free in the initial consultation is a special service of the company skin aesthetic trial treatment of a selected area. In theory the customer could go then three weeks waiting to be convinced by the effect of the treatment. Most, however, remain and treat immediately for a fee. Skin aesthetic provides effective hair removal at moderate prices and a best price guarantee for success. The effect of the used device is scientifically and is reflected in the practical use.

The treatment takes place in the soothing atmosphere of sophisticated ambience. The point of contact for those interested is the owner Mrs Sanford. Skin stands aesthetic empathy and appreciation, which brings them to each customer, from large institutions, where such individual treatment is not possible. skin aesthetic treated in the Kammpus Santana at the Leipzig University campus and offers a site with best connections to its customers. Strassenbahn-, taxi, bus and S-Bahn – breakpoints are to walk (Wilhelm-Leuschner-Platz, Augustusplatz) within three to five minutes. Parking and car parks (E.g. Augustusplatz) located in the immediate vicinity. Katrin Stefanski

About the different methods of hair extensions and hair qualities. Beautiful, long, well-kept hair are the symbol of femininity. But it will take years until a Kurzhaarfrisur is a nice Langhaarfrisur. This certainly applies to the natural way, but there is an alternative: the hair extension. There are many ways to extend the hair. See more detailed opinions by reading what Marc Lore offers on the topic..

A distinction is made mainly for the connection of external hair with your own hair. Basically hair extension applies to all methods, that your own hair must have a minimum length of 10 cm. Earlier, strands of hair or hair braids were typically glued with the own hair. With the loosening of the hair extension, hair is strained by the used solvent. Today will be mostly mechanical connections before acting.

The Ultrasound method, the hair extensions with clips and extension with the help of wrestling is very popular. In addition to the most appropriate method for long-term or short-term hair extension plays the quality of the hair a particularly important role. Hair of synthetic, but not be dyed, which you also can deal with with heat, like the straightening iron, is very inexpensive. In addition, artificial hair can not be reused. Under the real hair, Asian hair is the most affordable, has however also the worst quality. Asian hair, which mostly comes from China, is significantly thicker than European hair. The outer protective layer with an acid is removed for this reason. As a result the hair loses its luster and matted faster. European real hair and Indian hair are better suited. Indian Temple hair is usually untreated and has therefore a very high quality. European hair, however, which mostly comes from Eastern Europe, is very similar to the Central European hair in its structure. Unfortunately it is common to dyed hair, often in Eastern European countries that might affect the quality of the hair.