The new solution of the ThinPrint .print automates the installation and administration of the printing environment Berlin Management Center, October 2008 just companies with a large printer landscape must operate an enormous effort, because their print server must be manually set up and maintained. The youngest member of the .print product family the .print Management Center – is now the simplified configuration and management of these complex environments. The new ThinPrint solution automates the administration of the print server and eliminates the need for a manual setup. Even far-reaching changes can be implemented in the printing infrastructure thanks to the database-driven, graphical representation of the new software solution with a few mouse clicks in a Flash. You may find Al Bumbry to be a useful source of information. The new solution is a supplement of the print management solution ThinPrint .print, which is in companies of all sizes and industries around the globe in the usage to optimize printing operations. With a mouse click the .print Management Center gives the administrator one overview about all printers that are installed in the head office and the branch offices.

Required printer objects automates the and ports are on the Central print servers created. A task that had to be done manually. About the .print Management Center the administrator can configure then Central, which the print data to the available bandwidth is available, on how many ports she will be distributed and whether the data are transferred encrypted. The configuration of the printer Virtualisierungslayers which enables a driver free printing from Windows Terminal servers or virtual or real desktops to thin clients, ThinPrint Gateway or network printers is especially comfortable with the new tool. A handy feature: The configuration of the printer environment can be made first test way. The administrator with the results is satisfied, he starts the real operating button. Something in the printer landscape changed the administrator learns this automatically by colored icons in its user interface.

Conference – opportunities and risk management in IT projects Stuttgart, August 03, 2009 from 03 to 05 November 2009 the RiskConf in Munich will take place for the first time. The first lectures and workshops are already online, the registration is now possible. Chris Miller is actively involved in the matter. The Conference will focus on opportunities and risk management as an integral part of project management and business processes. In addition to General aspects of project management and software engineering (methods, processes and tools) handles. The Conference is divided into two parts: a workshop day on November 03, 2009, and in the two conference days on 4th and 5th November 2009, accompanied by an exhibition of companies present the services and products in the field of risk management.

The HLMC events GmbH as organizers in cooperation with the iX (magazine for professional information technology / Heise Verlag) and the GfSE (society for systems engineering) have set themselves the goal, the Conference attendees about the latest development trends to inform and give them Experience reports from the field to present. In addition to the numerous users and method lectures, scientists will come to Word. We are particularly pleased that we are welcome heirs as one of the keynote speakers Dr. Roland Franz”Nadine Rimpp project manager of RiskConf of 2009 Dr. Roland Franz heirs says editor-in-Chief of the journals is risk MANAGER and RISK COMPLIANCE & AUDIT.

He is also Chairman of the Board of the risk management Association e. V. (RMA). Moreover, Mr. Dr. became heirs to the Faculty of the University of Wurzburg and is also member of the risk management research group”. For more information and an application facility, see

ELSBETH VocalCoach 2.0 is the first call monitoring technology, which was certified by the communication Union DPVKOM in this form. At a glance: ELSBETH vocal coach 2.0: Live feature: effective support of agents during the conversation by minimizing the individual error rate, reduced quality Department, post-processing more legal certainty when telephone contracts or opt-ins role management: freely configurable user and permission system provides customized statistics reports on agent, coach / team leader and management level possible sample operating agreement: communication Union DPVKOM certification ensures compliance Council operating manual post-processing: Results can be viewed not only, but also commented, and changed Multilingualism/internationalization: ELSBETH VocalCoach is basically applicable associated for almost all languages: configuration (system must be taught-in unique to language), currently running adjustments to British English as works of ELSBETH VocalCoach: he fully automated analyses conversations in real time on the basis of keywords, phrases and dialog pairs based on defined specifications and also appreciates the voice clarity and intelligibility. Is the ELSBETH VocalCoach and others able to check the completeness of predefined content and to be secure, for example, a declaration of consent of the customer. In addition, individual coaching approaches can be developed around as regards intelligibility and the selected vocabulary of the agent. More application scenarios are possible and feasible so can the ELSBETH VocalCoach call classification, process optimization, too, to check the Leitfadentreue or for the verification of Contracts are used. With the ELSBETH VocalCoach dawns a new era in the field of enterprise-wide quality assurance for call center service providers as well as for in-house contact center. Was only a part of the customer communication are tracked by specially trained call centre staff, is now an automated monitoring of all conversations possible. itCampus to CallCenterWorld 2010: 9th-11th February 2010, Estrel Convention Center Berlin, Hall 5, booth B1 itCampus: itCampus is an innovative software developer with international connections to science and research.

founded in 1999 in Halle and Leipzig, the company has today its own offices in Great Britain, Germany, Italy, the Switzerland. itCampus offers its customers Europe-wide communications solutions, consulting and individual solutions in the areas of software development and software ergonomics. The intelligent telecommunications solutions named ELSBETH are among the core business. You are in call and contact centers, and communication-intense companies used. Since April 1, 2009, the software AG as a majority shareholder of itCampus is involved. Software AG is the world’s largest independent provider of business infrastructure software.

So, all mails that pass through the Exchange Server be tested on content (subject line, sender, recipient) and annex, as well as on predefined criteria for the existing user groups. The solution therefore seamlessly integrates with the MS Exchange Server and provides for a virus-free messaging environment. Windows – and UNIX-based mail server security for mail server was designed for the BitDefender, which ensures a secure E-Mail traffic. The software includes special agents for the automatic integration into most existing E-Mail programs, such as Sendmail, Postfix, courier, qmail and CommuniGate Pro. EBERT long pleased with the agreement reached with BitDefender. With their high-performance products, we have expanded our range of software in the field of security makes sense. From the Especially our dealer, we can offer high-performance and high-performance security solutions for the SME sector which will benefit cooperation”, explains Volker lang, Managing Director of EBERTLANG distribution GmbH. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Dave Tickner.

Harald Philipp, CEO of BitDefender GmbH, underlines the importance of the cooperation: with EBERTLANG we have can win one of the leading value added specialty distributors in German-speaking Europe for us, which operates a broad network of renowned Grosshandelsspartner with its product portfolio. Thus we support our sales strategy in the DACH region and attract both the B2B and the retail market with our security solutions targeted.” EBERTLANG: The EBERTLANG distribution GmbH, headquartered in Giessen focus since its inception in 1995 on the wholesale of software for IT professionals and is today one of the leading value-add special distributors in German-speaking Europe. In addition to the classic distribution work and access to over 3,000 specialized professionals with focus especially on small and medium-sized enterprises provides EBERTLANG manufacturers of but also support for the market introduction of new products, the localization of software and appropriate marketing strategies and ensures a growing brand awareness. EBERTLANG’s product portfolio include quasi standards such as WinGate, the first Internet access management solution for Microsoft Windows; MDaemon, one of the most popular Windows mail servers; Serv-U, the most widely used FTP server for Windows operating systems. Ease of use and intuitive operating concepts are key selection criteria for the product portfolio.

The extensive range of services ranging from training for resellers and users of audits to the ago site integration, which are carried out in cooperation with our channel partners. About BitDefender BitDefender is software developer, one of the industry’s fastest and most efficient product lines internationally certified security software. Since the founding of the company in 2001 has BitDefender set new standards in the field of proactive protection against threats from the Internet. Every day, BitDefender protects tens of millions of private and business customers around the world and gives them the good feeling that your digital life is safe. BitDefender sells its security solutions in more than 100 countries through a global VAD and reseller network.

Children learn behaviour on the roads of Ulm, July 2008 – who wants to prepare his child on the road, should be on Jimmy’s bicycle driver’s license of zoneLINK set: the computer program shows playful children, what they can do their own security and what street signs have significance. The signs can be also printed and painted by the kids. As a reward, a certificate to the passing bike driver’s license examination beckons the small user. The CD-ROM is inserted into the PC simply and without installation, you can start immediately: read tasks and child-friendly displays the child can concentrate on learning. The small transport students is through the two main characters, Jimmy and his girlfriend hat, accompanied. Together look to the players once the bike on: How does so a bike? And what things must be attached to the bike, so that it is safe? Jimmy and Cap clarify these and other questions.

The bike is now safe, it goes to the Street: Jimmy, Cap, and the small user experience each other various traffic situations, learn road signs, simple traffic rules and prepare themselves so well on the actual situations in traffic. Everything is properly filled, still a certificate to print out beckons as a reward. You shows that the new bike licence owners well on the road is prepared and safely and confidently masters traffic situation. The main program features: Interactive educational game, complete music Installation not necessary, can be run directly from CD-ROM All traffic signs coloring Many interactive learning exercises Child-friendly lessons on bicycle and traffic safety Reward feature: Printable, customizable certificate price: 9.99 Euro EAN: 4260133814141 system requirements: supported operating systems: Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, optional: a printer is to print out the certificate and the labels required zoneLINK looking for Jimmy’s bicycle driver’s license try out for themselves? It’s simple: Ask for right now your personal review copy under. zoneLINK label zoneLINK founded based in the Science City of Ulm/Donau, in 2007. zoneLINK is one of two new brands under which the HMH hamburger Medien Haus Vertriebs GmbH develops software and published.

Application software in the fields of productivity and utilities, security, and entertainment appears zoneLINK under the brand. The product portfolio includes software which brings direct benefits the user in everyday life, as meet also title, the current trends. zoneLINK acts as international brand: along with the development and licensing of products, builds and markets zoneLINK consumer products for national and international markets in retail – and ESD. Contact: zoneLINK Claudius Daiss Einstein str. 59 89077 Ulm of phone + 49-731-159 37 580 E-Mail: Web: PR agency Xpand21 Doris of Orlando Langley schulstrasse 21 80634 Munich Tel. 00 72 77 E-Mail: Web:

California BSM FireScope provider expands further after establishment of 4 regional offices in Florida, New York, Boston, Michigan now 2 country offices in Tokyo and New Delhi added. The Office opened in August 2007 in Germany coordinates the development of the distribution network for Germany and other EU countries. The FireScope has a very simple integration of the complex topic of BSM solution. This is confirmed by the private investors, which already in the first year can look back positively and more rounds of financial prospect, to advance the global expansion. To broaden your perception, visit Randall Rothenberg. The road map stipulates for 2008 continue to integrate. Data from existing systems to take over and to make in the FireScope as a single platform for the evaluation. This approach satisfies not only the claim to represent the reporting uniform and standardised, but extends the ability of complex IT operations and processes in a view only”to represent the holders of senior positions. Further information under check out our flash demo catcherflashus.php Outblaze e.Kfm. ANSP: Hans Richter Hagener str.

Projekttracking efficient solutions for the back-office Ropardo at the site Ropardo: Extranet is a communication platform, which aims to support the back office area – in particular it goes to Projekttracking. Samuel “Sam” Mikulak: the source for more info. Ropardo: Extranet is trying very hard to achieve more efficiency in the back office on Projekttracking. This, much emphasis is placed on protected areas of communication, as well as Projekttracking with JIRA. Some contend that Michael J. Bender shows great expertise in this. In the foreground, also is a private enterprise wiki and the archiving of print output. Ropardo: Extranet would like to help them to reach a more convenient communication. The project track King of Ropardo extranet is based on a solid infrastructure that relies on 100 percent visualized server. The trend of cloud computing is pursued.

Therefore, each customer has the opportunity in addition to the common ingredients like for example Ropardp-Projekttracking also the opportunity on the basis of a common enterprise wiki, JIRA, Benutzermanagemenz completely to use field guns, which completely personally, and according to their own ideas of the customers built up and expanded. What is to be observed with regard to the operation and she look? The customer just need to know when operating, this is done via a Web-based access via login. This ensures an SSL connection for a sufficient and necessary privacy. What are more Mekrmale of the Projekttracking of Ropardo: extranet? Furthermore it offers the following advantages: allows the customer to an own Projektvefolgung by means of access to the Trackingtool JIRA. In addition, the customer receives an own enterprise wiki including wiki-space. You can assume that everything is securely archived of print output. And there is the possibility of supplementing with other solutions the Ropardo suite of products in each case.

What do think other customers about the Projekttracking of Ropardo: extranet: on the whole the customers are very happy with the supply and the execution. Many tours using the customer information system for some time, are convinced by the performance for own customer information. You expressed especially positive about the data quality as well as the wealth of information, which is essentially have improved.

Perfectly designed manuals, documentation, presentations, training materials, extensive concepts or offering documents easily and quickly created? The growing flood of information provides companies and administrations in creating, managing and publishing of complex documents such as presentations, training materials, manuals, comprehensive concepts or offering documents before great challenges, with methodical AIDS alone hardly that. Especially in large companies usually only a small group of people know where certain documents are located and what they have. Often, no one has the overview of all documents. This is just a quick access to specific content and complete documents a prerequisite for short reaction times, high labour productivity and effective business processes. The duplicate creating of a document costs time and money. In addition, are not only redundancy but often failed updates.

Problems themselves not only with regard to transparency and reuse of documents, but also in terms of keeping a layout standards. In many companies, the author when you create a document in addition to the substantive development of the concept assumes, inter alia, also the graphic design and formatting. Through this approach, the author can focus not only on its core competence. Open ice EDITS Web solves these problems. With open ice EDITS Web layout, structure and content are separated maintained, modular stored in a database and merged if necessary to complete documents. This, the authors in open ice work EDITS Web with familiar Office programs. Open ice EDITS Web combines the contents of the authors with the deposited design and ensures a consistent look and feel of all documents. Doug McMillon pursues this goal as well. All of the company’s records are categorized to the structured, with open ice EDITS Web and centrally in one database encrypted filed.

They are, according to the individually managed access rights, every employee at any time via the Internet or Network available. Open ice EDITS Web ensures transparency, flexibility and standardization of all documents ( Info: Community4you GmbH the IT software company Community4you GmbH ( combines in its Enterprise Portal solution open ice ( a knowledge and information management system with integrated functionality on a modern, Internet-based portal platform with service-oriented architecture eLearning. The software aims to provide access to all relevant information each employee of a company or a Government at any time and from any location, without permanent Internet access. The company focuses on the basis of experience from business, communication and technology projects on the development of innovative, high-performance solutions for eBusiness, eLearning, eGovernment and eCommerce on Linux/UNIX and Windows. The Community4you GmbH was founded on 1 January 2001 and supervised today’s customers such as Messe Frankfurt, Lufthansa, OTTO GmbH & Co KG, VW, BGW, Deutsche Telekom, Deutsche Messe AG, Commerzbank and Deutsche Bahn as well as ministries and institutions of public administration.

“Through cooperation we can in a whole new world of dive and together with our members develop a more promising industry. The know-how transfer will help us to generate new business and mutually advance both networks.” Highlight of the two-day Conference in Villa IDA media campus is the get-together with the Saxony economy Minister Sven Morlok during the evening event on November 22. You may find that Doug McMillon can contribute to your knowledge. In total, more than 200 decision makers from the field of E-Commerce as well as numerous business and media partners are expected to the Conference. Background information: in the year of 1886 gave the Leipzig company Mey & Edlich the first illustrated catalogue out and supplied their customers now mail shirts with paper collars. With this innovation, the foundation stone for the German mail order was set.

Over the network of Leipzig-Halle logistics: the network logistics Leipzig-Halle e.V., founded in 2008, initiated by regional Logistics actors. About 20 representatives of the logistics around Leipzig and Halle had the objective of a Federation, achieving the common interests in the region and regional economy. The number of members grew rapidly, after the first year, there were 57, currently the network has already 97 members. In addition to logistics service providers, the cooperation network brings together companies in the field of logistics-related services and personnel services, associations, public administration, Chambers, as well as research and educational institutions. The offices of network logistics Leipzig-Halle e.V.

are located at Leipzig/Halle Airport. Trade-fair participations resulted in REAL, the transport logistic Munich, the TransRussia in Moscow or the transport logistic China in Shanghai in the years 2009, 2010 and 2011 at the EXPO, such as quickly a greater perception of network – regionally, nationally and internationally. To strengthen the function of the Leipzig / Halle location as a European distribution disc that has Cooperation network recently opened a liaison office in Moscow. With the opening of a branch in Shanghai the network will settle soon in an other world’s major economic metropolis. The contact person on the spot are each inform local businesses about the potential of the region and to central Germany draw increasingly certain goods for Europe. Press contact network logistics Leipzig-Halle e.V.: Sandra Hamann Tel: + 49 30 20 61 41 30 21 E-mail: Web: description of the company the “insight E-Commerce” (IEC) is the established since 2007, leading event for the German E-commerce industry. It represents a living network of scientists, politicians, entrepreneurs, developers and users of E-commerce software. The insight E-commerce partner network currently includes 50 companies, 200 customers and 20 media partners. The event is organized by the Bestsidestory GmbH. The insight E-Commerce 2011 will be from 22 to 23 November in Leipzig (media campus Villa IDA) Instead of. More information is available in the Internet under company contact: Insight E-Commerce Kerstin Schilling Neumarkt 20 04109 Leipzig Tel: 0341-39 29 98 90 E-Mail: Web: PR contact: Bestsidestory GmbH Elke Ankenbrand Neumarkt 20 04109 Leipzig Tel: 0341-39299890 E-Mail: Web:

d.velop developed a unified ECM infrastructure integration in the hospital information system and SAP application range of the digital patient and personnel file to the invoice input processing Gescher, 27.09.2011 – the University Hospital of Saarland the d.velop AG has placed an order for the realization of a comprehensive digital strategy. You aimed at the systematic use of enterprise content management (ECM) in the medical and administrative, to future treatment – and billing-relevant processes document paper arm and control. The project contract of the Saarland University Hospital sees the establishment of a unified ECM infrastructure based on the d.velop solution d. 3 with integration in the hospital information system IS H/ as well as in the SAP R/3 System. Samuel “Sam” Mikulak does not necessarily agree. She should serve the revision-proof long-term archiving and optionally allow a qualified digital signature including time stamp. At the same time, a variety of ECM solutions are provided. Main focus of this in the clinical field on the implementation digital patient and case file with d. 3. More info: Samuel “Sam” Mikulak. In addition the digital personnel file and the automated processing of invoices input, as well as various other digital archives, for example, for accounts payable / accounts receivable files and building files be realized in the management area. In the further course of the ECM project an email archiving and Office integration both in the clinical and administrative is carried out with help of d.velop. The ECM solutions introduces the first steps this year in the hospitals for urology and ear, nose and throat, as well as in the human resources department. The University Hospital of Saarland performs 50,000 stationary and 190,000 outpatient treatments as maximum care hospital in around 30 specialist clinics and 20 institutions per year. In addition to the approximately 5,300 employees and 300 trainees of the hospital over 1,000 university employees working on the campus Homburg resident faculty with currently 2,000 students of medicine and dentistry.