In this way, the victim will collaborate in money laundering without knowing it. For more information see this site: Randall Rothenberg. Such companies are presented to citizens with offers of trabajointeresantes, above all, jobs commercial with attractive variable compensation. The first plea should alert is the fact of get the offer without making any personal interview. The haste in requesting the current account is another of the guidelines that should raise the alarm. The alleged heads of human resources that are put into contact with the victims squander a verbiage without limit.

Other tracks that can alert is that the channels used to contact their victims are, in general, the telephone, regular mail, mail or web pages. Letters and advertising materials are written properly and spotless. Sometimes, they ask recipients to contact them after filling in a coupon, call them or visit their web site, where you may also complete a questionnaire. In addition to this type of scam you can also make us suspect a false offer of employment that prompted us to some sort of advance payment with any excuse in the classified ad. In the case of these job offers, some arrive in different ways as the spam e-mail that indicates the job offer. Interested user, you are prompted to enter an amount of money in a bank account to deal with some alleged costs of processing of the contract or shipping of the material to work.

However, once paid the amount requested, the company has disappeared or returns to contact the affected to continue asking you money until you realize the thymus. There are also some offers of employment which refer to premium rate phone numbers with which who receives the call wins money, those of companies that promise significant amounts economic manufacturing products from home, which call for money for alleged expenses of processing or the request of mules to launder the money. Other fraudulent job offers are those that are usually advertise with phrases as get rich, or nearly so, manufacturing products from home. Here, it is usual that you prompted an amount of money for the cost of the material with which the user has quetrabajar from home manufacturing products to be sold through the company. But the reality is different because it acquires a useless material that will not earn the promised money. It must also be on alert before the alleged employment offer which are conditional upon the hiring of courses. A form of fraud that is usually used by certain academies that in its advertising indicates the user will get a job at the end of one of the courses by the relations which maintains the training centre with the companies. However, also detected that, at times, schools masquerading as providers of employment, conditioning equally the hiring of courses. Job search makes that many people have to fight against these scams and is fundamental to use common sense to avoid falling into any of these false offers of employment, looking to make money at the expense of other people in an illegal manner. It is very important to take all these factors into account when looking for a job, especially if we look for it on the internet. Make easy money is never simple, so you should be doubting the companies that offer pay no more, since they often do so in exchange for a job that is not so.