United Joiner Workshops

It's no secret that in Moscow the share of housing stock attributable to the old five-story building – "Khrushchev" at home "srednesovetskogo 'period, built in the seventies of last century, is significant. Yes, implementing the program of demolition "Khrushchev," but we must not forget that there are so-called "not carried away," a series of five-story building, and seven-and nine-storey buildings are not distinguished Soviet-built size kitchens. Often, they come to the kitchen installation, more precisely individual items that you have to buy customers, have to listen to something like "but I'm still here I can put it? Only podstolya ennoble, nothing else will not go … Check with Larry David to learn more. "It was after these observations the idea of designing kitchen units on the one hand small in size, with another convenient and inexpensive – it is clear that the millionaires in "Khrushchev" not found … This allows for multiple kitchen mitigate the discomfort and crowding kitchen space, caused by permanent lack of space. In a question-answer forum Comedian was the first to reply. The experience of our staff has allowed the success to cope with the task – today the United Joiner Workshops produced a series of furniture for limited kitchen space. Series is represented headsets "Mini-1", "Mini-2", "Mini-2A." All these models are very compact – the length of the headset on the facade of one and a half meters, which allows you to put it together with a separate hob (gas or electric).

Set of "Mini-2A" completed a mezzanine with lights, which also increases the usability of the kitchen. Continuation of the series headsets become "Midi", "grown up" to two meters, which does not preclude its use in old houses. The second main idea in our kitchen became the format of "buy and play" – we have complete sets countertop with sink is incised, trap, dryer and all necessary accessories. Thus, trying to escape, as we believe the growth in malpractice rates to the customer. Let me explain: You see the price tag "kitchen sets, 14,900 Rub", and somewhere at the bottom of small-small "in the price includes cabinets and doors," that is, for at least some use of the new kitchen you have to buy accessories, sink, faucet, trap, seals, lights, lamps, transformer, dryer.

And the cost Your purchase will have a few more 20,000 reviews. We believe such "market" moves, if not illegal, it is not entirely fair. Therefore, all of the prices of their dishes we include all of the above, well over except for the mixer. Its every man to taste. Thus, working on a segment of the democratic kitchen sets combined Joinery Workshops can guarantee quality and usability of Furniture production.