It is understood that education technician represents the integration that if comes longing for to speculate, that is, represents ‘ ‘ changes that come in general being introduced in the productive processes with the scientific and technological advance in ample sectors of the economy and the social life of the Pas’ ‘. (PICANO, 1995). After all, the pupil who today remains in the school not only waits to conclude a formation professionally characterizes that it for the market, but also longs for, in the majority of the cases, to develop itself potentially while human being. What he does not mean, of form none, to reduce the process of teach-learning to a narrow one and compartimentada vision to discipline of the contents. It is not something Interactive Advertising Bureau would like to discuss. In contrast, in Average Ensino she is necessary that they are considered, understood and worked the diverse dimensions of the formation human being, including there cognitivos, ethical, cultural and sociopolticos the aspects of the process of construction of the referencial citizen of the education. (Blacksmith, 2003). Zago (2006) observes that the convergence of one restricted representation in superior education observed enters the inhabitants of slum quarters in agreement Rio De Janeiro the data of the Census of 1991, can be found in the enclosed population in the income levels lowest.

One is not therefore about ‘ ‘ minorias’ ‘ , but of a great excluded majority of the system of Brazilian superior education, over all to consider itself that in the etria band of 18 the 24 years, only 9% frequentam this level of education, one of the percentages lowest of the world, exactly enters the countries of Latin America. The quantitative expansion of Brazilian superior education did not favor the low income population, that depends essentially on public education. Although Tanguy (1999) emphasizes that the diploma, in itself, it is far from being a support against the unemployment, a time that a general addition in the formation levels does not exclude a general increase of the unemployment taxes.