Language and school abroad: Wilderness education, high ropes, low ropes, wall climbing, archery, or Campfire realize a dream. You don’t know what that means? Students who have spent their holidays in a language camp in Canada, for example, can help there safely. Children and young people can look forward to a great holiday of language in Canada as well as in Ireland, Spain, the United States, England or Scotland. Here, they deepen a foreign language in the context of age-appropriate language teaching and communication with other international participants from around the world. You can be curious on a varied and extensive activities program after class. Read additional details here: Marc Lore.

Here comes everybody safe, fun sport, game & creative. Program of this kind will benefit students from abroad and improve their performance in a foreign language within a very short time. The students are in the usually motivated to apply their language skills over the holiday also. Read many Books on the foreign language or enjoy a lively exchange of emails or letters with new friends made the camp. This is noticeable in the school.

Many young people dream of a longer stay abroad, and every year this dream for some students is true. More and more young people take advantage of their opportunities, and realise their plans abroad. You spend a semester or a year or even one to three terms depending on the school system in another country and take part in the local school life as locals. Thereby improve not only their now immensely important foreign language skills, but are also independent and goal-oriented. You take advantage of the unique opportunity to get to know a different culture and a foreign country from a unique perspective and thus also their home and themselves. Do it! Language courses offers different language programs for children & young adults and is also specialized in high school stays in Canada and Ireland. The Hamburg-based organization, the next year 10th anniversary celebrates, organized the school stay for 12-18 year old students, i.e. both the school placement according to request, as well as support and host families locally, that students are welcome. As an adult who would like to take a language course abroad, perhaps in combination with a suitable internship in the industry of their choice, which is to do it! Also looking for language courses. Do it! Language is represented at various exhibitions on the subject of language and high school stays. A personal meet is in addition possible on the do it! Sprachreisen road show from 07-09 November, 2008 in Frankfurt, Cologne and Hamburg. Here, the Organization presents itself and its programmes, as well as their partners from Canada and Ireland.