New Sports Grounds

Archery of class in Wuppertal Wuppertal had a new field/hunting bow sports area of 3.8 hectares of DJK JBC Wuppertal after 2 month construction work. finished this is the 1.07.09 of also weekends of available to the public. “We want to make our sport more popular and welcome guests and new members,” said the first Chairman in a conversation with me, “it’s a sport that the whole family can enjoy, and suitable for all ages”. The site offers the experienced shooters and even beginners best ways to practice this sport. Parking for visitors is available and experienced shooters to advise at any time provide helpful.Also rental bows and arrows are made like the shelter. For out-of-town guests, also accommodation is offered in co-operation with the Wuppertal youth hostel. Anyone who wants to get to know this sport you can visit only recommend. Registration at 0202 / 426153 or on the Internet, look there are pretty easy the JBC Wuppertal and Gets the structure of the site and the sport in general information about the Association. JBC-Wuppertal Club Tournament 2008 here the website of the Association here the page about terrain building Olav Lorscheider