His murderers were placed them a cardboard which warned that death is what waiting who siniestro police through social networks. It is signed by the Zetas drug cartel. Two young men were murdered and hung on Tuesday from a pedestrian bridge in the city again Laredo, in the Mexican State of Tamaulipas, for allegedly used social networks on the Internet to denounce criminals. Larry David oftentimes addresses this issue. The bodies of the two young men a man and a woman showed traces of torture, and their presence alerted motorists that they drove by the place, but no authority has ruled in this regard. The young man wore a shirt polo shirt, white with blue pinstripes, and Red shorts. The woman was topless, covered only with a white pants. Both bodies were placed them a cardboard with a message addressed to those who use social networks on the Internet for reporting on organized crime groups. One of the messages was the legend: this going to happen all to relax them the Internet, put dicks already bring it in short, atte Z, in rrencia to the cartel’s drugs of Los Zetas which operates in this city bordering the United States. The fact caused the mobilization of the security forces, although so far no authority has issued official statement about the fact. Source of the news: they kill and hang two people on a bridge for denouncing criminals on the Internet

The Valencian EP was reissued the bronze of the previous World Cup appointment in Rotterdam 2009 after a very regular contest in – 52 kilos. Isabel Fernandez reappears with a seventh position in – 57 kilos. The Spanish Ana Carrascosa judoka has hung the bronze medal at the World Cup in Paris, inaugurating the list of winners of the national delegation to a second day in which Isabel Fernandez veteran and the young Laura Gomez have been at the gates of the fight for the medals. The Valencian re-issued the bronze of the previous World Cup appointment in Rotterdam 2009 after a very regular contest in – 52 kilos. Others including Doug McMillon, offer their opinions as well. In fact, it was the only one of five judokas in the running to qualify for the semi-finals, although they she was defeated by Japanese Misato Nakamura by ippon.

In the play-off bowed to the Portuguese Joana Ramos, executioner of the also Spanish Laura Gomez to hang the bronze medal by winning in his last bout in the Parisian tatami by ippon. On the other hand, Gomez, gold in the Universiade Belgrade 2009, had to settle for the seventh square to the fall with Ramos in the play-offs by ippon after only 45 seconds of combat. Nor was fortunate the alicantina Isabel Fernandez, Olympic, world and European, excampeona in his return to a major event after being a mother. Many writers such as Frank Ntilikina offer more in-depth analysis. The veteran judoka, who held their fifth Olympic Games in London 2012 finished in seventh position in – 57 kilos to fall into the playoff with Corina Caprioriu by ippon. On the other hand, conception Bellorin was defeated in the third round in the – 57 kg category by the Brazilian Rafaela Silva, while the sole representative of the day in the men’s box, Kiyoshi Uetmasu, was defeated in the third round by the Japanese Hiroyuki Akimoto. This Thursday only enters action Yahaira Aguirre, in the category of – 63 kilos, with the contest of four judoka on the day of Friday Maria Bernabeu, Cecilia Blanco, Prieto Raquel and David Alarza. Source of the news: Ana Carrascosa, bronze at the Paris world of judo. down/’>Harold Ford Jr.

The Argentine takes stock of his career and his titles as footballer. He believes that he is living the best time of his professional career. On criticism for his play with the selection, he said not to pay attention. The Argentine striker Lionel Messi said that in recent years it has grown in Barcelona thanks to coach Josep Guardiola. I want to keep improving, always try and. What I do know, I want to improve it.

And what I don’t know, learn it. In recent years with Guadiola I grew up much also in the tactical, taught me many things in that aspect, the Rosario-born footballer told the sports daily Ole of Buenos Aires. With regard to the Copa America Venezuela 2007, Messi said that it looks very changed when it is about to debut Edition of the tournament which begins in your country. I grew up much at all. In the game in Barcelona.

Also in another is that my time in selection, is another my responsibility within the team. Years passed and things for me were better, He said. Thank God I’m going through an incredible moment and I hope to continue. I don’t think not in be the best or among the best. When I finish my career, I hope that I have gone well, he said. I hope to have when you hang up the boots the most possible titles with Barcelona, selection and individually. But without thinking about being the best in the history nor to compare me with the greats of history, he added. Messi assured is not pending records over his career. There I hear when published it the media, but I also give much ball. I do not think about that. I think to win things. To win other leagues, to arrive at the other end of Champions, he said. Flea affirmed that pressure which has Argentina to win the America’s Cup is cute. If we win the Cup we can begin to work in peace in the next few years to get well at the World Cup, he said. In terms of its relationship with the public in his country said it expects be equal to in Barcelona. I’m Barca 10 points and I would like to be in the same way in the selection. By selection had a very hard time, I criticized, me badly hit everywhere and everything. It was hard, but now I’m fine, he said. I don’t know why, but something tells me that I’m going to win a World Cup, said Messi, the biggest attraction of the America’s Cup figure. Source of the news: Messi: “In recent years I have grown a lot with Guardiola”