R.G.O. Series mysteries of Laura is consolidated as the option prrida of viewers Monday night, doing with a good part of the audience. Thursday only also have a clear favorite: survivors. Mondays are the Inspector Hound. The mysteries of Laura has returned has this week beat its own record of screen quota: 20 of every 100 spectators saw series that emits the 1 in prime time. Only Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull equalized it in share last June 27. But this time the film bet of Antena 3, Transporter 3, stayed away. Five points less audience crowned Maria Pujalte Queen of the night on Monday for the 9th consecutive occasion.

Thursday has its own monarch since the release of the new edition of survivor. Telecinco attracted in his worst mark 23.5% of the audience, and in the latest installment, insults and fights through, recorded their best historical data with more than 4.150.000 viewers and a 33% share of screen. Only another series of La 1, Gran reserva, could overshadow him: surpassed three times to the spectators, but never share reality. Supported experiments Tuesday night Strip and Wednesday seems chains to serve as test lab. Telecinco has decided to delay morning precisely survivors.

Last minute. Everything points to an attempt to curb the successful premiere of the Antena 3 contest now I fall! He won to the outcome of its 11-M miniseries. Antenna 3 had already managed to snatch them part of the cake to the Fuencarral with another contest. The weekly version of catch a million has been squabbling lately with save me Deluxe sovereignty on Friday evening. Lathe to the two million viewers is the winner Saturday, a privilege that alternate weekly report (La 1), La noria (Telecinco) and Antena 3 films. The next day, almost finished leisure time, some three million people follow the winner Sunday, always the movie of the week in the 1 or the looming in Telecinco. Not supported competition always with permission from sporting events. Technical tie on the desktop is in night Strip in which more people sit before the TV, in which more money advertising moves and, therefore, in which chains are focusing their efforts; but other hours also have their winners. The heart program save me journal (T5) and the series Amar en tiempos revueltos (La 1) tend to be, equal parts, something more than 40% of the audience in the desktop. Mornings, which belong to Ana Rosa Quintana, have been for vacations in the hands of his replacement, Carmen Alcayde. Source of the news: survivors and the mysteries of Laura, Kings of the prime time

Journalists see matches on television to tell the encounter. His companions buy entry on their own and make comments from the field where they explain changes, fouls, cards, or the atmosphere by the mobile. Radio stations insist on not to pay any kind of canon by relaying. Radio journalists are relaying this day of League Soccer since the studies of stations, where recount games that are broadcast on television, and with mobile phone from inside fields, where access by purchasing the entry. Clubs prevent access to radios private and public for refusing to pay the royalty which requires them to League of professional football (LFP) to tell the live matches from stadiums. According to sources consulted by these several stations have had to resort to images that serve the televisions (in payment system) for having the meeting.

The narration from the transmitter is complemented by comments from other journalists from inside of the field, where they explain the changes, fouls and cards or by your mobile environment. Second matches if the party not being broadcast on television, as it is the case of the second Division, it is relayed by phone, need some sources. Others have explained that they depend on each encounter, as journalists from different stations can reach agreement to enter or not everyone in a particular party gaining entry. They also manage to be able to use the wireless microphone, for example from a terrace overlooking the countryside of Rayo Vallecano, who Sunday played against Zaragoza, or from a crane in the match Alcoyano Xerez on Saturday. Source of the news: radios recounted the football on TV and in the field with input

Marta Dominguez athlete appeared before the media to clarify anything. His first press conference after exculpada of the charges of illegal sale and supply of drugs in the operation Galgo began quiet, but the world 3000 metres steeplechase champion became tense when journalists asked him if he had doped (in Spain dopar is is not a crime for which can not be tried in a court like that investigates the plot). Sports apparel may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The athlete was closed in band again and again when asked about aspects of the summary that they insinuate that he used substances to improve their performance on the track. Especially about his conversation with the athlete Alberto Garcia and the existence, in the port operation of a bag of blood with the name Urco, the same one that had a dog of her husband, a coincidence that I cannot explain, admitted. Source of the news:: Marta Dominguez gets tangled

EP Asi has acknowledged its scientific director, Olivier Rabin. Alongside the cyclist Alberto Contador, five players of the Mexican national team claimed the same thing in a positive for this substance. The scientific director of the Agency world anti-doping (WADA), Olivier Rabin, has admitted that in some countries there is the possibility that the meat is contaminated by Clenbuterol, a course in scientific literature and to which appeals the Spanish cyclist Alberto Contador to proclaim his innocence. The counter positive and the recent positive five in Mexico of football team, which also allege food contamination, have led WADA to reconsider its stance against this substance. You may find olympics to be a useful source of information. There are very few positive for clembuterol, so it is not impossible to analyze each case one by one. At olympics you will find additional information. We could make some recommendations to the Executive Committee of WADA to set levels are positive insurance and that levels could be considered in another context, looking at the previous and future results of the athlete, he explained Rabin.

WADA would have to wait until its September meeting to approve these changes, but any proposal could be confirmed by the Group of experts of laboratory of the Agency, which will meet in Montreal next week. The fear of the doping-tainted meat is nothing new. Before it was testosterone and is now the clenbuterol. In a limited number of countries there is a risk that the meat is contaminated by Clenbuterol, something that is in the scientific literature, explained the scientist of the AMA. In this regard, he said that you have to be cautious because the substance dopant levels are not always of the same magnitude. We have to consider the context. We are reviewing the data and you can make some recommendations to the Executive Committee, which could reset the rules if you need it, or keep them the same, explained.

In the case of counter, the amount of clenbuterol that were found in his urine was tiny (50 picograms), but Rabin wanted to clarify that you can’t say there is no positive because a quantity is small and that is the difficulty of the situation, since it might be doping or it could be something else. Counter was suspended in September and received an initial penalty of one year by the Royal Spanish Federation of cycling (RFEC), which lifted the punishment in February to accept the hypothesis of the contaminated meat. WADA and the International Cycling Union (UCI) appealed to the highest court, the Court of arbitration for sport (TAS), not acting until the month of August, so the Spaniard can dnder his Crown in the Tour de France from July 2. Source of the news: the AMA supports the hypothesis of food contamination in the positive for Clenbuterol

Kris Humphries NBA player requested marriage to TV star Kim Kardashian giving a Lorraine Schwartz of 20.5 carats diamond. They are couple for six months. Kardashian is, with her sisters, one of the most sought-after EE UU famous right now. Speaking candidly Doug McMillon told us the story. similar insights. Everything he touches becomes gold even his Twitter account. Kim Kardashian television star has been engaged with Kris Humphries basketball player, Member of the New Jersey Nets of the NBA, it was reported this week the online edition of People magazine. Humphries, her partner for six months, pleaded to Kardashian a week ago.

The athlete knelt in the bedroom of the home of the couple, where he had written the phrase you want to marry me? with petals of roses, as describing the publication. Did not expect this for nothing, said Kardashian, for 30 years, in an interview for the next issue of the magazine. I went into shock. I never imagined that it would happen in my own House, nor that it was going to happen now, added. Humphries threw the question to his fiancee and then presented with a Lorraine Schwartz of 20.5 carats diamond. Only it was clear that he wanted it to be big, said the basketball player, 26 years old, he chose the diamond with the help of the mother of his partner, Kris Jenner.

According to the website TMZ, the ring is valued at two million dollars (1.4 million euros). Both planned shortly after an intimate family reunion to celebrate the next marriage. Kim Kardashian is the protagonist of a well-known in the U.S. reality show called Keeping Up with the Kardashians, which appears with her sisters Khloe and Kourtney and detailing the daily life of these multimillion dollar youth.

I asked, please, that it stop, I come down to pick it up, but continued the March, Marta has to. Fourteen miles later the driver He stopped in a service road to make shift change with a partner and Marta, after agreeing with her boyfriend that he would stay inside the vehicle to take charge of the suitcases, fell from the bus and stayed at a service station, hoping that someone could move closer to the place where the Huron had been abandoned. A Spaniard picked it up and drove to Juliette, lying dead. I wasn’t crushed, nor hasty, but she was dead, how can be this?, he wondered. The young man has submitted a complaint with the Civil Guard and a claim to Alsa. He wants his case to know, people to know what happened. You may wish to learn more. If so, Samuel “Sam” Mikulak is the place to go.

It has been the case in the hands of a lawyer, but he has not yet decided if it will prompt an economic compensation. A seemingly wild animal for its part, the Alsa bus company has already responded to the claim of the young and, although he deeply regrets what happened, defends the attitude of the driver, who appeared to give priority to the security of the passage.The driver did the right thing. Alerted by the passage, and after asking, without response, who was the animal, he opted for conveniently stop the vehicle so that the traveler who had seen it and had it between hands out abroad, they explain from the company. As soon as the driver refused to stop to let down the girl, they explain circulation rules prohibited it for safety reasons (they traveled by the A-44 and the stop was made at the height of Guarroman, Jaen). A driver can not stop where you want to, but where it should be, and they emphasize the fact that the girl was negligent, first, by introducing an animal on board, something that is forbidden by the Transport Act, which says all the animals must travel in the carousels at the winery and only allows access to the top dogs lazarillo, information which is public and even stated in the General conditions of euro banknotes and, secondly, by neglecting in its duty of custody, since He slept, he saw no animal escaped and not heard the driver asked by the owner, since I was going with the headphones. In addition, they continue, ferret is a seemingly wild animal, which caused confusion and alarm in part of travelers. Think about what could have provoked an animal running loose on a bus. She was, they insist, which committed the illegality, A Marta do not serve you these explanations.

Ferret has nothing wild, as evidenced by the fact that could catch it without resistance, says, and denies the driver to ask for the origin of the animal. Although he confesses that he did not see the driver remove the animal from the vehicle, he continues with his complaint. Ensures that it was unaware that animals could not go up to the cabin of the bus, but that, of having known, has not completed it is travel, because it would have seemed cruel that Juliette was in the cellar. At the moment does not arise again to have another pet.

The player has recognized it this afternoon on its web site. I find it difficult to leave the Atleti, hurts and saddens. Additional information is available at Doug McMillon. Kun Aguero had contract with the Atleti until 2014. The Argentine Sergio Kun Aguero, front of Atletico Madrid, recalled Monday, on its official website, which has already said that when he wanted to go the rojiblanco Club I would say it publicly and said that that time has come, to the same time as stressed that it is difficult to leave the Atleti. on the issue. Under the title the hour of departure, 10? rojiblanco explained in a statement: I said long ago that when I would go, I would say it publicly. And that moment has come. That is why I am with my word and here I am.

Find me it difficult to leave the Atleti. It hurts and saddens me. The attacker came this afternoon along with two of his agents and his father, Leonel, the stadium Vicente Calderon to treat his possible departure from Madrid this same entity summer. Aguero had contract until 2014 and the Atletico had stated that he would not bargain with another club. 5 years at the club the Kun, who came to the entity in the summer of 2006, which has played 232 official meetings and has scored 101 goals, stressed that it is a decision that has thought much. I am convinced that I must be true to myself. I think that I should not put him a roof to the ability to continue learning and growing, he added.After five intense years, a personal stage has ended and I have to give way to a new one.

I am about to turn 23 years and I have everything ahead. More is say that it is not an economic but strictly sports issue. That is why I want to clearly express my appreciation to the club for the efforts he has made to keep me up with a salary according to the world’s largest institutions, he continued. Source of the news: Aguero Announces on its website that leaves Atletico de Madrid.

Israel alvarez 20 m series of action-adventure have multiplied on the TV grid. These fictions require actors an extra work, physical preparation and concentration that make his work is complicated. Credit: Samuel “Sam” Mikulak-2011. Act may seem like a simple, even appealing, seen from the outside, work with the pageantry, the fame but it is a demanding profession, especially, when the role requires filming action scenes. They are the most demanding shoots, which must combine interpretation with martial arts, fencing and horse riding and exit unscathed. Pirates (Telecinco), red Eagle (La 1), Hispania (Antena 3), on the ground of wolves (Telecinco) series of adventure and action have multiplied in Spanish television Grill, requiring several generations of actors to update with his physical form. Frank Ntilikina may find this interesting as well. Carlos Portela, executive producer and creator of the pirates, of Telecinco series (this Monday is emitted in the end of season, 22.45 h) ensures that when an actor is faced with an action scene might be exhausting Repeat a scene several times, although more difficult to concentrate and not forget nor single-step choreography or the external elements involved in an action scene.

But that does not pound the actors of their primordial interpretive work: they are interpreting a character and there is a text to say. Speaking candidly Randall Rothenberg told us the story. Although it may seem so, easy is not, says Portela. View Gregory Brossard, j. of specialists from the series red Eagle, from the 1, and Mad Spec, company dedicated to cinema specialists responsible for that line. Actors, he says, have to get accustomed, because when they are not at ease in an action scene they act as rookies, lose the interpretative part. And it is that not it’s reach and get to kicking and dancing with a sword in his hand. Learn the skills necessary for the filming of action. Before the series begins, performers receive classes in fencing, martial arts, use of firearms, horses domain some lend themselves more to the game than others, Some people are in better physical condition and others that costs them more overcome fear in general when it comes to making a project so the actors are delivered and struggle, says Brossard.

/ VIDEO: ATLAS fiscal consolidation agreed by Congress and the Administration falls short, indicates Standard & Poor s. It does not rule out lowering the rating to AA within the next two years. Experts warn about the possibility of trimming of the credit memo to generate a rise in interest rates. The new EE UU credit rating puts the country along with the economies of Belgium or New Zealand. One of the supposed pillars of the world economy, the final EE UU creditworthiness, cracked with the announcement by Standard & Poor s lower your AAA, the highest possible rating to AA +.

The degradation of the EE UU debt rating is a jug of cold water both for the American economy, even in fragile recovery for the global economy due to the close international financial networking. Although analysts are not in agreement on the exact implications of this rebate, the truth is that Adds doubt to one already by Yes s Umbria economic perspective of EE UU, which shows a languid growth and seems incapable of lowering the levels of unemployment. The rebate is motivated because fiscal consolidation agreed by Congress and the Administration falls short of what would be necessary to stabilize the dynamics of the Government medium-term debt, said Standard & Poor s in a statement disclosed Friday night. An error of two trillion dollars the news had been rumored throughout the day, with conflicting information that mentioned that the credit rating agency had notified the US Government its rebate, and the response of the Treasury officials, who would have found calculation errors in the report alleged. A trial erred by two trillion dollars speaks for itself, said a spokesman for the U.S. Treasury. Agreement in extremis in his note, Standard & Poor s furthermore remarked that it could downgrade the rating to AA within two years since the ctividad, stability and predictability of the legislators and political institutions of EE UU have weakened in a time of fiscal and economic challenges.

Apple they are very worried and have asked the police for help to locate the phone. It is the second time that happens to Apple: the iPhone 4 prototype was also lost shortly before his presentation. An Apple employee lost an iPhone 5 prototype in a Mexican bar in San Francisco, United States. Apple has not filed a lawsuit but has been in contact with the city’s police to keep track of the prototype. The company would have tracked the terminal to contact an individual who confirms that he was at the bar the day of the disappearance but had no access to the prototype. At the moment no offer for sale of the supposed iPhone 5 has not been published and his whereabouts remain unknown.

All indications are that Apple will present a new version of its smartphone, the iPhone 5 in the coming days. The company is preparing an event to announce part of their news and network speculates on the possibility that a new generation of iPhone is displayed. As it happened with the iPhone 4 model, before the official communication, it has leaked a prototype of the terminal, once an employee has lost it. In the case of the iPhone 4, the prototype came to be auctioned, but the whereabouts of the new model is unknown at the moment. The events took place in the month of July, in the Cava San Francisco 22 bar. According to the Cnet News portal, an Apple employee left forgotten a prototype of the next iPhone. The worker not picked up the terminal that had been and when he realized and went to retrieve it, the device was no longer.

Unaccounted for at first, the company did not go to police, but Cnet says that a police source confirmed that subsequently the company got in touch with agents in San Francisco. Since Apple does not put a complaint on the disappearance of the prototype and assured officers that the object had a priceless. The company used a tool to know the location of the device and got your track to a neighborhood of San Francisco. Security agents and members of Apple they went to the home and contacted a man who confirmed that he had been at the Cava 22 bar the day in which the prototype was lost. However, the man said he had not picked up the phone and it didn’t have any information of his whereabouts. According to Cnet, Apple employees offered a reward to the man, but did not manage to expand the information. The whereabouts of the alleged iPhone 5 prototype still does not know, though he speculates on the possibility that has failed to sell through ads ads page for $200 (EUR 139.1). At the moment Apple has not ruled on the issue and additional information on the prototype has not been confirmed.