It had the concern not to take off the note minimum and always ran behind note eight or more. No longer course of letters the instrument of evaluation in the first semesters had mainly been to the tests with discursivas questions together with works as summary, summary and some seminaries. The collection was bigger in relation to the production of texts. I had a teacher that she returned to four times the text to me stops to remake, this sufficiently helped me so that really it learned to produce a text as summary, summary among others. The evaluation in the graduation in the UFPA differently uses the concepts of the UEPA, concepts EXC, GOOD, REG and INS. The notes are transformed into concept. The minimum note is five that it can represent in concept REG.

I had problems in relation to the evaluation of professors that promised that the presence, the participation in the lessons would be taken in consideration when adding notes, however the criterion used for the teacher was only one test and the presentation of a seminary. Breaking with this agreement made between pupils and professors at the beginning of it disciplines. The concern biggest today is the note that will be attributed in my written works and the presentations, this fact occurs because the proper professors take in them to think that the main one is our note and that to pass in one disciplines we need to take off five at least. Very I am strengthenn and I always look for to take off notes that one provides to me good or Excellent concept, therefore already I am thinking as they are important in the after-graduation. The real concern with the learning is always in second plain, and seems that this fact always occurs in such a way of the side of the pupil as of the professor.