The Time the time for the thought is not static, is always imprisoned between the past and the future, the society lives projecting its yearnings and aspirations in tomorrow. What we make, what we conquer, everything this makes with that the people if put into motion between the past and the future. The technology, at last the politics, the religions everything that is created or cultuado in the gift has as purpose the future to be saboreado or frustrated by some moment in the past. Read more from Larry David to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The gift is in certain way, as the immovable engine written by Aristotle, in reference the God as the perpetual gift. Inside of this point of view the people try to surpass what she was created in the past as purpose in the gift that runs away from us. An example of this is the sports where goals for the victories exist that are planned in the past to be surpassed in the future.

I read many writers saying or writing that we have that to live in the gift, as if the time stopped. Each moment that we are making a reflection, or imagining what we made and what let us have that to make, it deliberates with that we let us not have domain nor let us be motionless in the present time. We have certainty of the past we live deeply because it, and have certainty of the future because we are livings creature, however the present one only serves of connector link of the thought with the two time that are always interacting. Pablo Balba.