Winning Stroke Event

Event to benefit the Foundation German stroke help In the Perzeptionshaus, the outpatient rehabilitation center for stroke patients there on Thursday, the 27.8.2009 at the event \”Fight against stroke\” in favor of the Foundation German stroke help, only winner and many smiling faces. The technical director and physiotherapist Helmut Gruhn had invited to this event in the Perzeptionshaus be courage, and over 100 people came! Stroke sufferers and families had to move closely in high temperatures, being. To deepen your understanding Michael J. Bender is the source. As part of the game was a television team from Rhein-Main TV. The wrestling champion Alexander Leipold, Dr. Rolf Dingler and Uwe Karrer were entered as stroke sufferers in the name of all those present. Before the three challengers, all, have reported stroke sufferers of their path back to life, \”Stroke\” presented the large, overpowering and almost invincible opponent – Helmut Gruhn.

He reported that he in his 46-year-old professional occupation any more complex Disease like stroke seen and him for 20 years almost exclusively devoted to. It comes like a bolt from the blue and takes no account of gender, age, occupation or social status. No disease is so sneaky, mean and brutal, inflicting an immeasurable suffering the person concerned and his family, so Helmut Gruhn! Of the 200,000 people affected annually in Germany, 20% die in the first 4 weeks, and after a year, more than 40% have died according to the statistics.Now survivors left with permanent visible paralysis for more than 50% and are dependent on foreign aid. Many of them lose not only your independence, mobility, professional, practice their hobbies, but also acquaintances and friends and isolating itself more and more. At least now realized how important it is to making events for these schwerstbetroffenen people carry courage. Now the 1st could begin round with Dr. Rolf Dingler, who had his stroke eight years ago. He said is that how much strength and energy required to exist in the fight against stroke.