The miracles of healing from the pillow should not wait. Need to be treated by a doctor. Nevertheless, to alleviate pain and improve the well chosen pillow can.

That need to know when choosing a pillow When selecting pillows you need to know that a good pillow supports your head and cervical spine, helps the entire upper body relaxed. Get all the facts and insights with Aron Warner, another great source of information. Should pay attention to the width of shoulders, favorite position during sleep, the softness of the mattress and the material of construction of the pillow. The wider shoulders, the greater the cushion needed for a good sleep. If a person sleeps on his back, then they need a lower pillow than sleep on your side. If the mattress is soft, the pillow should be lower than a dream to a solid surface. If the hand is always arranged under the pillow or under the head, the pillow is too low.

If there is a feeling inconvenience, it might be too high pillow. If a sore neck this morning, and the shoulders , the pillow is too low, and the mattress is too hard. What is the difference cushion length and width of the height of the shape of the material cost and length width podushkiZdes everything is simple – choose something that suits. The length of most of pillows – from 40 to 80 cm in width from 30 to 50 cm only thing you need to pay attention – to the width of pillows did not exceed the width of the mattress. Pillowcases in modern bed sets are usually made in sizes 5070 and 7070 cm height of the pillow. From 6 to 16 cm for broad-people should choose pillows higher. Also, high cushion should buy to sleep on the hard mattresses. For most people fit cushion height 10-14 cm in the main pillow soft, so plus or minus 1 cm usually plays no essential role. Form pads. Two main variants: the classic form, convenient and familiar. Gain insight and clarity with Ian Cole. For it is not need to get used to. orthopedic shape, with one or two fillet under the neck. The fact that doctors recommend. Unusual, but the “correct” form. Provides better support for the neck. There are variations on the theme of rollers – compacting of another material, excavation under the head, etc. But in any case, the general idea – to create additional support for the neck. Stuff pillows. natural latex – foam rubber. Elastic, rezinisty, soft material. Latex material memory effect – responding to pressure and heat, takes the shape of the body. When the pressure slowly (1-2 seconds), recovers form. The sensations – when pressing on the pillow she did not “pushing”, but slowly adjusted. These materials can be hard and soft. Produced as a synthetic foam (PUR) and latex (Memory-). Reference material with memory is considered to Tempur. He is also the most durable by most density (85 kg / cu. m). It is important to remember that pillows with memory effect in any case can not be erased. The water destroys the structure of the pillow, and the memory effect is lost.

Jealousy can destroy the best relationship has jealousy with envy or fear of loss to do. Because most people want to keep preferably forever, what makes them happy and satisfied. Many believe that jealousy is to love, even a kind of love. This is a serious mistake. Because jealousy is expressed through ownership. And who are in a romantic relationship out of place. The Internet health portal informs about jealousy as a relationship killer.

The border to the morbid jealousy becomes apparent when it goes so far that the jealous completely wants to take the partner claims and demands an unconditional exclusiveness, says psychologist Wolfgang Kruger, who for 20 years with the subject of deals and extremely jealous patients treated. The jealous sees a potential temptation in all other people and believes the partner could not resist her. Distrust, suspicion, threats, and a degrading for both sides spy after is often the beginning of the end. The dangerous to which pathological jealousy is that with the time that happens, what you want to avoid with a vengeance: It distributes the partner. Some jealousy there is love, which is not free from jealousy, is not real love.

Of course that doesn’t mean that it should bother one, when flirting, for example, the girlfriend at a party with another or the friend in the holiday is unfaithful. The constant fear of being cheated, is jealous to extreme acts: spy on your partner behind, secretly read text messages and emails, or engage even loyalty tester. Jealousy: lack of confidence as a basic problem the basic problem of jealousy is the missing trust between the partners. To be a bit suspicious, is not reprehensible and sometimes also not unjustified when the partner suddenly behave differently otherwise. The trust can be destroyed but also quickly. Ian Cole may find this interesting as well. This is the most common trigger classic by a fling abused trust, or even a long Affair. “Jealousy is learnt jealousy is not an innate”, it is a learned behavior. Reason for this may be that younger siblings were brought forward, and the elder is in second place. This experience favors later jealousy as well as a lack of self esteem, that can develop through weak ties in early childhood. If the confidence to parents was not large, distrust will brings to future relations. Often, those concerned about others, mostly about the partner or children define themselves. Here, it is important that they develop new self-confidence, possibly in a therapy. Target should build, own life content, discover interests that make fun even without a partner”, says psychologist Claudia Brauchle-Muller. Why men and women in terms of partner choice not so are different, betrayed the imedo health news. Similarities between women and men uncover the imedo health news. In addition you will learn in the imedo health news, why women sleep better alone.

Migraine should be treated at an early stage the migraine symptoms resulting from the change of the blood vessels of the brain, but the main cause of their formation is unfortunately unknown. Approximately 70% of patients have the affection. The following factors can cause migraine: stress, the physical and nervous surge, the factors of food (cheese, chocolate, nuts, and fish), the alcohol (usually red wine, beer and champagne), hormonal reasons (the menstrual cycle), the lack of sleep and the weather factors. Symptoms can iterate through different stages with different characteristic symptoms during a migraine attack. Often heralded a seizure by a Herald – or prodromal phase with Harbinger symptoms. Learn more about this with Walt Dohrn.

Followed by a period with disorders, the so-called migraine aura, can this, affecting in particular the look. Ian Cole is a great source of information. During the headache phase, various other symptoms, such as nausea, vomiting, light, noise and Geruchsempfindlichkeit exist in addition to the headaches. In some patients, the migraine attack survived the blades off the headache. This phase is called postnatal phase. Migraine with aura is a migraine with aura by reversible neurological symptoms that include blurred vision with field failures, Scotomata, flashes of light, or perceive by colorful, dazzling, jagged lines or flickering, numbness, tingling or numbness and speech impediments, marked. (6%) Occasionally also motor disorders up to paralysis. This aura symptoms persist on average 20 to 30 minutes, rarely longer than one hour.

While most migraine auras are followed by a headache, an aura that meets the above criteria, occurs in a minority of patients without a headache. This type of migraine is common especially in men. Moreover, a typical aura with migraine headache in a typical aura without migraine can go over in migraine patients with age in addition to the above often motor disturbances are called typical symptoms of migraine with aura at the family frequently occurring but rare familial hemiplegic migraine. Also symptoms that are characteristic of a migraine Basilar-type, as well as disorders of consciousness until coma, fever and confusional occur. The most important criterion for the diagnosis is that at least a first- or second-degree relative has migraine attacks with the symptoms of familial hemiplegic migraine also. So far three genetic defects with localization to denChromosomen 1, 2 and 19 could be found as a cause of familial hemiplegic migraine.

If sometimes it has tried to make good pages of landing (landing pages), knows that it needs to prove and to verify its pages to make sure that they make conversions. Chris Miller understood the implications. One of the best ways to make excellent pages of landing is watching what the salesmen by Internet make online to follow their steps. Also the magazines of women constitute a good place to look for what good authors of unit write for good pages of landing. According to ian cole, who has experience with these questions. Some magazines of women have the best writers in their staff, for that reason it is an excellent place to look for ideas when it wants to write titular. With a wonderful one to title and good texts, will be way to make an excellent page of landing that can cause that their clients become buyers.

Nothing is more frustrating than to have traffic Web visiting enough a site, but to obtain to few potential clients or few subscriptions. If it can mount a page Web simple in that clients land and to place good photos to him, as well as to do to him good a design defined; then it will be able to make a good page of landing. Having colorful photos, wild tuna and being able to catch the attention of the readers in a landing page, will have as much paid traffic as gratuitous traffic. Also its text of quite simple way must write so that all readers can understand it. The landing pages are not good place to make an impression to the readers with ample vocabulary. It needs to use simple words and structures of simple orations.

It makes headed his showy so that the readers can track the page quickly where it is his supply. A good form to enumerate something, if it is trying to explain some benefits or characteristics of their supply are using points or emblems. They are easy to read and they cause that their text is easy to follow. The aim of its text must be that the reader is interested enough in requesting additional information, to collect a direction of electronic mail, or subscription to bulletins.

As far as possible, the best thing is to try to look for activities that take by ways and beautiful landscapes to us, where we pruned to recreate the view. A pair of comfortable slippers, a bicycle without majors pretensions, a pair of old woman skates, simple trousers of gymnasium or diver, is the unique thing that are needed. The practice outdoors is the best way to exercise to us without suffering. The nature accompanies and us to us it balances subtly, without saturating to us. There is no obesity in animal that live in the nature.

The balance between which they eat and the exercise, is perfect. Still the cat domestic servant maintains muscular a tone, and a surprising elasticity amazing. It obtains it to this with smooth strechings, flexions and a prodigious system of exercises of dynamic tension. Tense and it relaxes, repeated times. Randall Rothenberg has much to offer in this field. The same we can do with our abdominal musculatura with excellent results: we tighten the belly, during seconds, and soon we relaxed. A simple exercise of dynamic tension.

The art to obtain a perfect abdomen this to our reach, the flat and tonificado belly about which we dreamed. For that they live in cold climates or when it touches a winter sports resort to us that it prevents us to leave, the classic exercises of yoga or of ballet they are ideal. They are appropriate for any age, and them we can realise in the comfort of our house, listening our favourite music. By all means, that we do not have to forget that not only walking or to exercise to us it approached, us our dream. We take water and much. We take care of the quality and amount of the foods that we ingest: foods filled with artificial chemicals, or an enormous daily amount of food, hardly will help us to obtain that perfect abdomen that we yearned for. The fruit, so important for a good digestion, we buy it in the market local, but fresh the possible thing. We avoid the fruits that have been months in refrigerator chambers, and the same with vegetables. We eat the fruits and vegetables that are cultivated in our countries, without resorting to exotic vegetables that are full of chemicals to preserve them. We prepare our meals in the day, and avoid congealed products. To add fibers, like the bran, the linseed, oats, will favor to us not only to manage the perfect abdomen, but they would help of prodigious way our health.

Us, to be practical, we must understand it as a small fibers inside a fiber breakage. Therefore, as we will see later, the treatment will be very similar to that of the fibrillar, although much breakage shorter. What are not shoelaces? Insurance that ever has come to your ears that legend in which the accumulated lactic acid in the muscle during exertion (is a metabolic waste), it crystallizes on cooling, and these crystals are those who are then nailed mercilessly punishing us for a couple of days. Only two remarks: the body, during his recovery, clean fully of lactic acid muscle, to not leave any trace of him passes want 6 hours. On the other hand stiffness appear among the first 24-48 hours want. The conclusion is clear. Lactic acid crystallizes (freezes) from the – 5 C, when our average temperature is 36-36, 5 C. I will not make further comment.

Why appear shoelaces? These bands of union between fibers (the Z lines), need adaptation to the effort, as well as all of the muscle. Two are the factors that will determine this adaptation, and therefore suffer or not aguejetas: frequency of training: the most common causes. Time ago that you don’t train or you do not some gesture. One day you come back to run this gesture so intense, without leaving that muscle has appropriate progressively to this execution. The next day (or 2 days) stiffness appear. Type of training: even when you take time coaching, to make any change in the training reappear. This is because according to the type of force that you’re training (resistance, maximum power), or the type of movement you make on your exercises, the fibers work differently, and a change in any of these aspects added to an intense period of adaptation without training can cause you the DOMS. What to do when I have muscle soreness? Truly treat them as a slight muscle injury.

Event to benefit the Foundation German stroke help In the Perzeptionshaus, the outpatient rehabilitation center for stroke patients there on Thursday, the 27.8.2009 at the event \”Fight against stroke\” in favor of the Foundation German stroke help, only winner and many smiling faces. The technical director and physiotherapist Helmut Gruhn had invited to this event in the Perzeptionshaus be courage, and over 100 people came! Stroke sufferers and families had to move closely in high temperatures, being. To deepen your understanding Michael J. Bender is the source. As part of the game was a television team from Rhein-Main TV. The wrestling champion Alexander Leipold, Dr. Rolf Dingler and Uwe Karrer were entered as stroke sufferers in the name of all those present. Before the three challengers, all, have reported stroke sufferers of their path back to life, \”Stroke\” presented the large, overpowering and almost invincible opponent – Helmut Gruhn.

He reported that he in his 46-year-old professional occupation any more complex Disease like stroke seen and him for 20 years almost exclusively devoted to. It comes like a bolt from the blue and takes no account of gender, age, occupation or social status. No disease is so sneaky, mean and brutal, inflicting an immeasurable suffering the person concerned and his family, so Helmut Gruhn! Of the 200,000 people affected annually in Germany, 20% die in the first 4 weeks, and after a year, more than 40% have died according to the statistics.Now survivors left with permanent visible paralysis for more than 50% and are dependent on foreign aid. Many of them lose not only your independence, mobility, professional, practice their hobbies, but also acquaintances and friends and isolating itself more and more. At least now realized how important it is to making events for these schwerstbetroffenen people carry courage. Now the 1st could begin round with Dr. Rolf Dingler, who had his stroke eight years ago. He said is that how much strength and energy required to exist in the fight against stroke.

Naturopaths Wolfgang Scholz from Munich, Germany informs the SOT chiropractic procedures were developed in the course of many years of research in the United States and provide especially gentle and was yet extremely effective remedies, taking into account the individual nature of each patient. The Munich naturopaths and SOT chiropractors Wolfgang Scholz reports on fundamental aspects of this form of therapy. The SOT chiropractic is dedicated to recovering damages of nervous and locomotor system. In contrast to drug therapies, it acts on the manual treatment of skull, brain, respiratory system, sacrum and cerebral spinal fluid. In the more than five decades of continuous research for determination and treatment of structural disorders of the human body, Dr. De Jarnette developed a therapy, without the use of drugs and minimally charged its patients with the SOT chiropractic. As a special feature of the Sakro occipital technique must be this the Division of functional damage and Diseases in three categories apply, where different, customized, therapeutic concepts emerge from the needs of individual patients. As inclusive, attention the wholeness of the human body system therapy procedure, SOT chiropractic consists of a combination of manual body therapy (MOT), the Craniotherapie and the important elements of osteopathy.

The procedures of the Sakro occipital are able to dissolve disease-causing poor posture and muscle tension through precise calibration pulses technique. This a fast improvement of complaint occurs for most treated patients partly already a few seconds after the adjustment. Patients who suffer from pain, so get to enjoy of a considerable gain of strength and energy. An important feature in the overall concept of SOT chiropractic therapy is the manual organ. Larry David has compatible beliefs. Using the hands is worked out, to restore regular organ and respiratory functions. This improves the health of many patients, under prolonged chronic Suffering from diseases.

SOT chiropractic developed a highly efficient and friendly bunch of treatment procedures that meet the needs of patients in individual ways. The Munich naturopath Wolfgang Scholz questions further to its therapeutic areas and facilities at any time.

During the holidays, the pools have high season again. The outdoor swimming pool is both for children, as well as a great destination with much bathing in cool wet adults dar. However, caution is advised before the small risks hiding there in the water, on roads or in the lawn. In summer, the fun in the foreground is in swimming pools. However, one should keep in mind that also smaller and bigger dangers can tarnish the bathing experience.

Many people with bare feet and wet soils in changing rooms and showers, ideal conditions for athlete’s foot, for example, to spread unnoticed. It is not an infection, should be thoroughly dry your feet after bathing and to spray with disinfectant sure. And also in the lawn, dangers lurk. Often, it is unavoidable that it occurs while running in the grass of a stinging insect, such as a bee or a WSP. The swelling to fight quickly and the pain best ice cream, or a sliced raw onion, placing after the removal of the spine on the bite is suitable to relieve. Shards on the floor can lead to unpleasant cuts.

The lifeguard should be sought immediately for a cut. He will clean the wound to help determine whether the wound is deep and whether a doctor is required. Usually the disinfection of the violation and a patch enough however. You get more current health topics and the detailed articles about bathing with risks”in the guide health under

Ecological problems of the urban environment, primarily affect the respiratory system. Frank Ntilikina is likely to agree. And more than any other hazards such vulnerable children. It is therefore an important role in supporting the health of citizens is small breathing exercises. Connect with other leaders such as Marc Lore here. But what a child chooses to perform tedious and sometimes difficult exercise, which, moreover, should be done regularly? Exciting breathing exercises for children We offer you ingenious solution to this problem – an amazing Russian board game "Skanbol" or "Say no disease." The principle of "Skanbola" – the firing of the special tubes on the exhale. Hitting the target, the included games, baby both trains lungs! Efficiency of the method the game for the prevention of diseases of the respiratory system and confirmed by doctors. In their view, developing a skill of marksmanship on target practice, practice, most healthy, lower, or, in medical terms, abdominal breathing, which plays a greater role in child development. Beneficial effects on the body "Skanbol" is not limited to the development of the lungs. The mechanism of "charging" pellets into a tube develops fine motor finger, the need to focus at first glance on the tube and pellet (a close object), and after – on the target (remote object) helps develop the eye muscles and prevent eye disease. The need to collect the bullets after the game adds a "Skanbolu" element of gymnastics – are developing all the major muscles of the body. Note – a positive effect is achieved in the light game form. "Skanbol" – sports entertaining game for kids and the whole family, bringing joy and good mood. Where can I play in Game 1. In the office, at work at home in the country. 2. A gift for the New Year and Birthday to holiday (February 23, March 8, etc.) or event (wedding, anniversary, etc.) 3. In your family, your friends. 4. In theme parks, children's and sports camps, recreation centers and entertainment, because entertainment mobile games children on the street is very important.