To if speaking in differences respect to the proper characteristics of each individual is configured. In such a way, he is very important and positive, already in the Infantile Education, that if observes all nuances of social its entorno developing values that primam for the valuation of the other, admitting that differences human beings are normal. To work with the diversity is the natural one, a time that the differences exist they do not have inside to be denied of the educative dynamics. According to Sacristn (2002, p.17), ' ' we are only because we are ' ' variados' ' internally, because we are a irrepetvel combination of conditions and diverse qualities that are not static, what in them it also makes diverse in relation to we ourselves throughout the time and according to changeable circumstances that in afetam' '. In this perspective the author in sagacious way affirms despite: the diversity, as well as the inaquality, is normal manifestations of the human beings, the social facts, the cultures and the answers of the individuals front to the education in the classrooms. The diversity will be able to appear accented more or less, but the proper life is so normal how much, and must accustom to live us it with it and to work from it.

The heterogeneidade exists in the schools, inside of them and also in the classrooms because it exists in the external social life. The education also is cause of differences or the acentuao of some of them. We, professors and teachers, participate of the diversification and the homogenization, the equalization and the inaquality. (SACRISTN, 2002, P. 15). The school today requests a professor, an educator whom it expresses in its to make pedagogical the dimensions human being, technological and politics and that it is capable to visualize the effect social of the pedagogical work and them conditionings that in it intervene, that it knows to critically select the orientaes of its prxis.

The lines of direction of the Ministry of the Education are a subject that if more consolidates each time in our country due to the great advances that Superior Ensino has gotten in recent years. The institutions of superior education must have as main mission the development of the nation as a whole. The Coordination of Perfectioning of Staff of Superior Level CAPES, must is focada in the ones after-graduandos being able with effectiveness to carry through the evaluation of the courses opened for the institutions. The present article has the objective to base on the lines of direction of the Ministry of the Education MEC, directed exclusively toward superior education. Word-key: CAPES. Superior education. Ministry of the Education.

Educacin en There general RESUMEN you are there base for un human being puede to ejercer el there paper clave en sociedad en that viven. Wools directrices del Ministry of Educacin you are un bad subject that stairs time consolidated en nuestro debido country los the great los you advance that educacin there superior ha ganado en last aos. Superior Instituciones of educacin debe to tener as main misin el desarrollo woollen nacin en su joint. Coordinacin de Perfeccionamiento de Personal de Superior Nivel – CAPES, that if centers en los estudiantes of posgrado being able to llevar the handle efficiently there evaluacin of los abiertos courses for wools instituciones. This I articulate tiene as objective of wools directrices del Ministry of Educacin – MEC, diseado exclusively for educacin there superior. Words clave: CAPES. Of Superior Educacin. Ministry of Educacin.

The Argentine takes stock of his career and his titles as footballer. He believes that he is living the best time of his professional career. On criticism for his play with the selection, he said not to pay attention. The Argentine striker Lionel Messi said that in recent years it has grown in Barcelona thanks to coach Josep Guardiola. I want to keep improving, always try and. What I do know, I want to improve it.

And what I don’t know, learn it. In recent years with Guadiola I grew up much also in the tactical, taught me many things in that aspect, the Rosario-born footballer told the sports daily Ole of Buenos Aires. With regard to the Copa America Venezuela 2007, Messi said that it looks very changed when it is about to debut Edition of the tournament which begins in your country. I grew up much at all. In the game in Barcelona.

Also in another is that my time in selection, is another my responsibility within the team. Years passed and things for me were better, He said. Thank God I’m going through an incredible moment and I hope to continue. I don’t think not in be the best or among the best. When I finish my career, I hope that I have gone well, he said. I hope to have when you hang up the boots the most possible titles with Barcelona, selection and individually. But without thinking about being the best in the history nor to compare me with the greats of history, he added. Messi assured is not pending records over his career. There I hear when published it the media, but I also give much ball. I do not think about that. I think to win things. To win other leagues, to arrive at the other end of Champions, he said. Flea affirmed that pressure which has Argentina to win the America’s Cup is cute. If we win the Cup we can begin to work in peace in the next few years to get well at the World Cup, he said. In terms of its relationship with the public in his country said it expects be equal to in Barcelona. I’m Barca 10 points and I would like to be in the same way in the selection. By selection had a very hard time, I criticized, me badly hit everywhere and everything. It was hard, but now I’m fine, he said. I don’t know why, but something tells me that I’m going to win a World Cup, said Messi, the biggest attraction of the America’s Cup figure. Source of the news: Messi: “In recent years I have grown a lot with Guardiola”

Dublin, November 28, 2007. Exercise, direct contact with nature and enjoy the scenery, if there is any way of combining these three aspects is a walk through the trails and an excellent destination for this practice are. If there is any way to fully enjoy the scenery and exercise at the same time this is hiking. The mild climate that surrounds, Menorca, Ibiza and can enjoy routes through valleys, mountains, plains and mountains of the islands range allows us to choose the itinerary that best satisfies us. Hiking is one of the most followers wins in the seasons of spring, summer and fall, combining direct contact with nature, with an exercise that becomes as intense as each one you want. Thus, the ride may be slow to "give everything" but who does what he can not help walking, luckily, is enjoying the most beautiful landscapes. Walking does not require excessive physical preparation or an annoying or long travel to the place in which to practice, like other outdoor sports, a trip is enough to let go. However, as it summons the experience, expertise and physical resistance can increase the length and difficulty of the routes, and increases the "appetite" to find elsewhere.

Hiking has become very popular, despite this, environmentalists and other associations agree that mountain is often done improperly, since those who sporadically in areas favorable for this practice are not always aware of the attacks that can occur in these natural places and forget to respect the environment. That's why the hike is essential to respect nature and then enjoy the sport and landscape. In many paths for this practice and the variety gives us a chance to choose. An example is the public estate of Son Real is situated on the northeast coast of in the municipality of Santa Margalida. This farm is a veritable outdoor museum, with archaeological remains and the natural beauty becomes one for a walk outdoors. If you want to know more about this place or in other tourist options you can find useful information on the portal. In addition to offering a comprehensive guide to activities of these islands, will find this site offers tours, useful information for passengers and flights and all about. Victoria Molnar For more information:

Our life has revolutionized hints and tips for a safe online shopping experience online shopping in the last 15 years. We can buy not only at the big mail-order firms such as Amazon, but also the sale of used goods on marketplaces like eBay has created opportunities for us, were unthinkable even 20 years ago. But how often, there is a down side here, too. If through an online auction two parties together in a business, there will always be people attempting to defraud the business partner and to go over the ear. The anonymity of the Internet makes it possible much there, what is impossible in real life. Of course the platform operators are asked here, to take all possible measures to provide a safe and secure shopping experience. But the fact is: not all contingencies can be excluded, a residual risk will always remain.

This once as an example, consider trading tickets on the Internet. Just the football is very popular and Tickets often change hands at horrendous prices. This ticket auctions are also vulnerable to cheaters: when prices normally are very high, many buyers will want to strike quickly if once a better offer emerges. And that is precisely the scam of the scammers: they are counting on buyers given the supply of the good to be careless and transfer money in advance. The desired football tickets will receive it then of course nicit in the case. Applies so buyer: ever more attractive the game, the more careful you should be. Cheater bent in particular on very popular games, where prices normally are extremely high and there trying to get a buyer on the ear.

Simple Bundesliga matches, which are not in the particular interest of the public, the risk of being cheated, by a seller is, however, very much smaller. At auction houses such as eBay, actually every seller must be verified, i.e. He must his actual postal address have confirmed. To ensure that you can hide problems not in anonymity. Therefore, it carried almost all scam attempts at online auctions with help from hacked accounts. By phishing emails, Trojans and the like get the scammers to the data of ‘real’ eBay accounts and then use these accounts for their drive. Most accounts are used, have a very good reputation – buyers can then quickly blinded by the good profile and not think that the account could be been hacked. Just if a scammer “sells tickets for attractive top games”, there are some tricks which you can use to find out and protect themselves. Here you find a very detailed explanation of how you should proceed with ticket auctions for the coveted top games to sit any cheaters. Definitely applies: be better a little too suspicious in case of doubt and carefully consider offers that are too good to be true. Because it is at Fraud in many cases hijacked accounts is to try always in doubt, for example, telephone to reach in order to verify that an auction is in fact made by him the actual account holder. Offers from abroad should be particularly wary and vigilant in connection with football tickets, at least.