And just as our own self-preservation instinct (not for nothing that wise judges require medical admission) saves us, and everyone else at the same time, from irreparable harm. AKP – is searching and finding a free time when it is catastrophic shortage. When we, for example, instead of thirty minutes set aside for the search for water, where it is not, followed by boiling it, as well as preparing and eating food, spent twenty-five minutes. The remaining five minutes just sat there, blankly staring into nowhere, with only one thought: "We can still, we can survive this crazy pace of time, the movement of people and rhythm of work, can still barely, because of the fall exhaustion forces always have time, but the rise … .. "the AKP – is when our life and death is only two strings of nylon thickness of ten millimeters, it's at best. > by clicking through. And in the best case that we must learn to do – so it learn how to "save" the life of another. Here with us are in reality, but we are stretched to the limit with difficulty distinguish these facets of reality and game.

Here the organizers have only to offer, the participants have only the right to refuse. And it's the only difference between game and reality. AKP – is when in front of our team is another option. First – choose the passage of several hours, a rather complex technical step on the rocks, with using climbing equipment, a certain risk to life, where time for its preparation severe restrictions, or the second – to choose a simple denial.

From his bed Esther, could to listen shouts, moaned and some weeping desperate, in moment in that stretcher stopped to front, where two guards helped the nurses to place on the bed a man who had the torn legs, and the right ankle hanging of the nerves. What I cause arches to him, something that attempt to contain covering the mouth and determining its glance towards its legs. Veo that is well I examine a nurse visually already can retire. It saw it to Esther go towards the bed of the flank as much abra curtain, where a woman who maintained the legs open and, between her legs lay recostada a German dog that was patch to its owner (then that supposed) by the sexual apparatus. Stunned and full from fear I arrive to the hotel, the elevator was empty, which gave time him to cry, while it glimpsed its image in the mirror of this, I am crouched until the floor and covering its face sob.

When the elevator was only abri could observe the close corridor filled with color doors mahogany with the drawn numbers, the walls were yellow pale and the white flat sky like the floor. Although the surroundings were warm and illuminated, the lights did not serve, only one that was in the end and that did not manage to illuminate beyond the third of the passage, way towards the third door of the left and turning the knob was introduced within the department. These are hours to return had reproached him their mother it saw when it enter. I feel responded to It I entertained myself with Julia, will not return to happen. you feel well I ask to him when seeing to happen it of length towards its alcove. The department was small just by three doors; two dormitories and the bath, without counting the free space that it lodged the kitchen, the room and the dining room.

In Russia, in addition to two major disasters, there are plenty of local and thematic ills. One of which lack of diesel engines for small boats. It is for small size. That which can not be held steady engine capacity of more than 75 hp Let's look at this particular range. Many of us can afford western diesel engine for displacement-boat or yacht? Probably not many. Unfortunately, we do not have rely on the domestic industry in this regard, and pity. This was the occasion to draw their attention to Eastern manufacturers. Chinese industry is gaining momentum, close to world leaders in different areas.

We have a lot to complain about substandard products from China, but forget two simple truths. The first – a marriage in Russia are taking ourselves, it is simply cheaper, and second – in China are Chinese. In many cases, Chinese production, its qualitative part is an exact replica manufacturers. And this time it was taken ruler units ISUZU and its basis a range of diesel engines for industrial and automotive application. These workhorses were the basis for the diesel generators and PUMPS ACCESORIES, forklifts, tractors and excavators, just for those machines and units that operate in harsh conditions for long time, without stopping. The reliability of these engines was the basis to create on their base to be converted, marine, diesel engines under the brand name TD-POWER Marine. The model number series engines TDME introduced models ranging from 27 to 80 hp The engines are equipped with mechanical or hydraulic transmission.

The set includes a diesel engine instrument panel with a cable length of 4 meters, depreciation engine mounts, air filter. Engines TDME delivered not only on China's domestic market, but also for export. Mark TD-POWER Marine sold in the Netherlands, Sweden, Poland and Norway. Russian territory marine engines supplied by "Dominator Service. For all Diesel engines covered one-year warranty of the manufacturer. If you want to replace its outdated engine or install a new one – Diesel Series TDME – strong and very reliable marine diesels. These motors often installed on the displacement boats, yachts and working boats.

Full name – Stephen John Nash. Born on February 7, 1974 in Johannesburg, South Africa. Height 191 cm, weight 88.5 kg. Education: St. Michael's School in Victoria, Canada, British Columbia, University of Santa Clara, California. Select club "Phoenix Sanaa" in the first round draft pick in 1996 at number 15. He played for the "Phoenix Sane" from 1996 to 1998, for "Dallas Mavericks" – from 1998 to 2004 and from 2004 to date – again in the club, "Phoenix Sana'a." Nash entered the NBA with the Canadian passport. For this reason, and because he had long hair, he was given the nickname Hair Canada – Hair Canada" (by analogy with the name of a Canadian airline Air Canada).

It is, incidentally, in Olympia de 2000 participated in the Canadian national team. The most useful player the last two seasons 11A – 2004/05 and 2005/06. What did he deserve this honor? Steve Nash – Guard of the future. He has so much speed and dribbling technically complex that it is able to enter into misleading and beat one on one almost any opponent. Then, breaking into a three-second zone, Nash is looking for a partner, which addresses the transfer. During the ten years to this) 'h'zhe used to, and often tall players opponents do not believe that Nash himself would attack the ring, do not respond to his promotion to the ring in the air and try to intercept the transmission, which Nash sometimes does not. Most of the points that Nash is gathering for the game (in average – 18) – is the result of his shots from under the ring, not so much on fast breaks, as in the positional attack.

Hold the ball with both hands behind his back, flip it up over her head and catch in the air in front of him. Repeat this exercise seven times. Tie eyes and stood up against the wall, be thrown ball with his right hand and catch with his left hand. Then change hands.

Tie the eyes and log staircase, running up to the fifth floor of the stairwell while holding breath. Then otdyshites and run up to the 10th floor to the delay after the expiration. He ran on the 10th floor, jump blindfolded down the stairs backwards – so two flights. After that, jump two flights face forward. 7) Find a brick wall and a run so that the body has adopted a horizontal position, run up the wall 3 – 4 steps, then, after resting 3 minutes, running on the wall, making the 8 steps to inhale.

8) Sitting on a chair twice a deep breath. After a shallow breath hold your breath for 2 – 3 seconds, and then exhale – 3 – 4 seconds twice. After resting for 30 seconds, get up on inspiration from his chair and go to socks, lifting his hands up, grab an imaginary tightrope. During exhalation try, straining the muscles of the arms and legs slightly bending them, as if to pull the rope down. After graduating from the breath, sit on a chair and relax all your muscles. Repeat Exercise 7 times. 9) From the same initial position, sitting on a chair, inhale through the nose. On the exhale, stand up and pull the rope, thinking that he was right, and then pull the rope, thinking that he is on your left, straining the muscles of the arms and strong legs. Repeat Exercise 7 times. Stand facing a wall at a distance of a step. Lean your palms against the wall at shoulder height, bending your arms, inhale, straightening, – exhale. Repeat 7 times. 11) Stand facing a wall, bend your right leg at the knee and Rest the foot of the wall. On the inhale, heavily straining muscles, as would move the wall with his foot, as you exhale, relax your muscles, lower your foot to the floor. Do the same with his left foot. Repeat this exercise seven times. Lie on your back, slowly tense all the muscles of the body. Staying in a stressed state, inhale slowly as if on the left side of the body, starting with left heel bring the air flow to the crown, and exhale a narrow stream through the mouth (eyes closed) as to the right on the right side of the body, starting from the top – down to the right heel. After that, do not breathe exhale for 4 seconds. Lie on your back with your eyes closed, inhale through the right nostril (left hold the right middle finger) and Exhale slowly through your mouth a narrow jet. During exhalation pay attention to the solar plexus. To get a better feel as you breathe out the heat, put his hand on the specified area. With each session you will feel the heat from his palm to the liver, the spleen, in the groin area, in the heart, brain, all the joints. Article Site:

Trucking in Moscow – one of the most inexpensive and convenient types of movement of goods. Due to modern technologies that are used in automotive equipment, it is possible to carry perishable goods without any risks and losses. Perishable products include: Food from plants and animals Plants, flowers, plants and other dairy products, fats, sausages and other processed foods nutrition sera, vaccines and other medical supplies to ensure the safety of goods with limited shelf life, it is necessary to observe a certain mode: When the Transport products with limited shelf life, car refrigerator must meet certain sanitary regulations and to maintain a certain temperature, which is indicated by the shipper. Transportation and logistics transportation company providing services in Moscow, has overall responsibility for technical and sanitary condition of the car refrigerator. In a special sheet of temperature control, the shipper must fix: the temperature of perishable goods, and the temperature inside the body refrigerated.

who subsequently entered in the consignment note. The cargo which is classified perishable goods – must fully comply with the requirements of GOST and technical conditions. Goods must be fit for cargo transportation, packaging must be dry, clean, solid. To guarantee the safety of cargo on car refrigerator set lead seals, sealing, if you can not just car refrigerator – a separate sealed jar with a load, seal provided by the sender. Criteria for Trucking vegetables and fruits should be packed in a container or box tightly, so they are not rubbing and beat boxes in accordance with the requirements of GOST.

Fruits and vegetables should be no mechanical damage fresh and clean. Carcasses of cattle should be divided into quarters or halves. Meat should be clean, dry surface, with no trace of slime, mold, moisture. On the surface of carcasses should not be the presence of snow and ice. Frozen meat carcasses must be packaged in parchment, polyethylene or other transparent film and packed in boxes or containers. Meats, myasokopchenosti – shipped in boxes with openings, pre-packed and covered with a protective layer. Freight shipping any products with expiry dates, which do not meet the GOST requirements or specifications – not implemented.

Spine discs have three functions: they separate the vertebrae from each other, provide the flexibility of the spine and act as shock absorbers. Disk striping is especially important because all communication between the brain and the body is through the nerves that pass Mezhuyev vertebrae. Insufficient distance between the vertebrae can lead to a pinched nerve. During the inversion therapy changes the direction of pressure on the discs and this helps to recover faster disks, replenishing lost moisture and lost height. Stress and stress can cause muscle spasms back, neck and shoulder girdle, as well as headaches and other problems. Tense muscles produce spasms and pain by restricting blood flow, which in turn limits the supply oxygen to the muscles and reduces the flow of lymph.

Due to the minimum inversion for several minutes, tense muscles relax, blood circulation and lymph flow is restored, and in a place with that of the body begin soon remove waste. The quicker elimination of waste and oxygen supply, the faster the tension disappears and muscle pain. Inversion helps to adjust posture. Being in the position of the inversion, the body acts in unison with gravity, and the spine is naturally trying to take the right position. Regular inversion therapy help to correct and maintain the posture. Inversion is the ability to maintain healthy joints and flexibility body, even in the aging process, and that means maintaining the vitality throughout life. Most people lose their lives over time from 1.3 to 5.1 cm of growth due to thinning discs. Baby Drives a 90% water to 70 years% water content in the discs decreases to 70%. Planned program of inversion can help you to maintain growth. Before use, check with your doctor!

It exists some diseases that the humans gave one him cures definitively, they eliminate and them of the life of the patient for always as it is the case the parotiditis and chickenpox. Other diseases exist that they do not have cures and are of active form for always as it is the case of AIDS, and we must be in perpetual control while we live. Finally we found to the pathologies that they have cures with treatments and medecines, but the first negligence reappear, we have to the influenza and a disease very mentioned these times, we spoke of the hemorroides. When we spoke of how eliminating the hemorroides, it remembers that only it is possible to be done of temporary way, until the moment do not exist medecines, diet or treatment disappear that them for always, but we followed the form adapted to fight them at any moment is very rarely that they leave. A healthful, balanced diet, rich in fibers, proteins and that contains the sufficient ones and essence to them metabolites aid that does not form the hemorroides, exist the good maintenance of the circulatory system (it interests the system more to us vestibule for the hemorroides). If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Frank Ntilikina.

To take the amount adapted of liquids it maintains the perfect lubrication in all our body, especially of the internal and lees to give a soft consistency him that does not damage the rectum and anus at the time of the evacuation; it remembers that the excess of water consumption causes ahogamiento of the cells, and the body will try to administer it in everything by all their around to undo, in addition in some cases rarely hidrocefalia produces one, causing the death. The continuous exercise little forced, the medicinal medecine use and plants, alleviates until cure the developed hemorroides few. The surgical operations and treatments are able to eliminate all type of hemorroides, even until most serious, but even so we run the risk of which a reappearance exists. In conclusion the form like eliminating the hemorroides of your life does not exist, except for following these procedures always not to generate its evolution.

They have passed twenty-four years from the appearance of HIV AIDS. Million have died as a result of this syndrome and still the scientists have not managed to find a vaccine that contains its advance neutralizes, it he eliminates or it. When one is an organism of as complex conduct as the one that observes the trasmisor virus of that evil, the present knowledge of Biology seem to have found with an insurmountable wall, at least for this moment. To find a vaccine becomes a dream yearned for by the specialists, but also a nightmare when happening the time and to only see how, of exponential way, the statistics are enlarged. Within the scientific community the skeptics are many. They think that the action of the virus could not be contained and we will only have to be satisfied to observing a protection conduct, cradle in the fidelity or abstinence. The bad thing of this is that the human beings we continued being an animalized emotional species, incapable to face its basic instincts, in particular to ours sexuality. One has worked with tenacity in search of the vaccine, have destined resources, realised awareness campaigns, but nothing has changed, AIDS is there, watching in each corner, in each discotheque, tavern, mansion or attic.

Nevertheless, in spite of all the carried out initiatives by the governments, the international organisms and for charity, we have not found the formula that eliminates the perverse microscopic demon who crosses the arterial highways of those wild ilusos that do not feel like objective in this war by the survival of the species. According to the specialists, this microorganism has unpublished particularitities that allow hide-and-seek him, to hibernate or to become. According to some consulted studies, HIV can use to its favor a called enzyme retrotranscriptasa to reproduce in the human cells.

Ski resorts testers think of three of the world’s best ski areas for snowboarders, that fully meet the needs of freestylers, freeriders and Alpinboardern. Worldwide traveling steep and wide slopes, fun parks, Super pipes or boardercross courses leave with the Board the snowboarder’s heart beat faster. Because as most of the ski areas specialising in the needs of skiers, it is often not easy to find a suitable area for snowboarders. To read more click here: Frank Ntilikina. Ski resorts testers think of three of the world’s best ski areas for snowboarders, that fully meet the needs of freestylers, freeriders and Alpinboardern. Vail – United States with four terrain parks, the so fly zones, offers Vail for all skill levels freestyle absolute freedoms.

On the Riva Bahn Express is located 1.6 km long the largest fly zone with an oversized super pipe 140 m long, 12 m wide and 6 m high. Next door the flight school Park is designed especially for beginners. (Not to be confused with Samuel “Sam” Mikulak!). With a wide range of Deep snow slopes in the so-called back bowls, there are also a large number beautiful descents, which more than satisfy the Alpinboarder. But you must prepare to take off the Board at the end of the slopes often. The overall test result for the category of snowboarders in the ski resort of vial Portes you Soleil – France the name of the ski area Les Portes you Soleil (the doors to the Sun) what awaits the lovers of winter sports here reveals South of Lake Geneva: lots of sunshine and above all deep snow as far as the eye can see. For snowboarders is Les Portes Soleil of one of the best Boarderreviere in the Alps.

To the express Lac Intrets, ARARE, and express lifts du Stade there are snow parks and Halfpipes, which take the freestylers immediately captivated. In Avoriaz, the most spectacular jumps are possible with security, but also Les Gets offering the snowboarder with the freestyle and cross district”plenty of space and opportunities to the romp. The overall test result for the category snowboard in the ski resort Portes you Soleil Cardrona – New Zealand Cardona Alpine resort is one of the largest ski resorts in New Zealand and opens up with three lifts departure of over 300 hectares. Internationally can keep fully offer Cardona in the freestyle. “” The 150 m-long Johnny pipe “complies with the international FIS rules and the small Rooki pipe” is ideally suited for the first stunts. The three large terrain park offers a varied fun Park delight beginners, advanced but also the professional snowboarders. “With the 800-metre boardercross track gravity cross” and everything is really offered many very beautiful deep snow slopes the snowboarders.